ChatGPT Cheat Sheet: The Complete Guide for 2023 (2023)

ChatGPT Cheat Sheet: The Complete Guide for 2023 (1)

ChatGPT reportedly hit 100 million monthly users in JanuaryUBS report, making it the fastest growing consumer app in history. Business is also interested in ChatGPT and trying to find applications for writing AI in many different industries. This cheat sheet contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about ChatGPT and its competitors.

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  • Who are ChatGPT's competitors?
  • The future of artificial intelligence in business
  • What's next for OpenAI?

What is Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is a free to use artificial intelligence chatbot product developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT is based on the following structureGPT-4GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, which indicates that it is a large language model that examines the likelihood of words that may come next. Large language models are a type of deep learning algorithm - a transformational model in which a neural network learns the context of each language pattern. This can be a spoken language or a computer programming language.

The model doesn't "know" what it's talking about, but it does know which symbols (words) are likely to appear in sequence based on the dataset it was trained on. The current generation of AI chatbots like ChatGPT, its Google competitor Bard, etc. don't really make intelligent decisions; Instead, they are the parrots of the internet, repeating words that would likely be next to each other in natural language. Basic math is all about probability. The companies that make and use them advertise them as productivity wizards that can create text in seconds that would take a human hours or days.

In the case of ChatGPT, that record is a large chunk of the internet. From there, people provide feedback on the AI's output to confirm whether the words it's using sound natural.

See: Probability rating from OpenAITrained on Microsoft's Azure AI supercomputer.

Some organizations also build this question-answering capability into some of their software features. Microsoft, which funds OpenAI, launches ChatGPTSearch Bingas a foretaste. Salesforce has added ChatGPT to someThe CRM platformIn the form of a digital Einstein assistant.

Who created ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI, a research lab with both non-profit and for-profit partners. When it was founded in 2015, OpenAI received funding from Amazon Web Services, InfoSys and YC Research, as well as investors such as Elon Musk and Peter Thiel. Musk has since parted ways with the company, while Microsoft is currently committing $10 billion to OpenAI.

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How much does ChatGPT cost?

The basic version of ChatGPT can chat with you for free. OpenAI also powers ChatGPT Plus, a $20 monthly tier that gives subscribers priority access to individual instances, faster response times, and the first chance to experience new features and enhancements. For example, ChatGPT Plus subscribers are currently using GPT-4, while everyone on the free tier is using GPT-3.5.

For developers and organizations that don't have a specific contract with OpenAI, there is onewaiting listUsed to access the ChatGPT API.

Use chat GPT

The free version of ChatGPT is easy to use. You shouldSign up for an account with OpenAI, which means you will receive a confirmation code from your email; From there, click and enter your name and phone number. OpenAI warns you that the free version of ChatGPT is a "Free Research Preview". For the Plus version, you will see an "Upgrade to Plus" button on the left side of the home page.

For businesses, ChatGPT can also write and debug code, as well as create reports, presentations, emails, and websites. In general, ChatGPT can prepare the type of essay you might use for your work ("Write an email and accept an invitation to speak at a cybersecurity conference."). ChatGPT can also answer questions ("What books are similar to [xyz]?"). Microsoft demonstrated these capabilities when it announced that OpenAI would be used in Word and other parts of Word365 Business-Suite.

OpenAI's bug bounty program

OpenAI launches bug bounty programOn April 12, ethical hackers who find vulnerabilities in their code will be offered $200 to $20,000. More serious mistakes are associated with larger rewards.

OpenAI is not looking for a fix for ChatGPT's content issues (e.g. known "hallusions"); Instead, the group wants hackers to report authentication issues, privacy breaches, payment issues, security flaws in plugin building systems, and more. For more information on the bug bounty program, seeswarm.

Criticism of generative AI like ChatGPT

As more organizations adopt AI, many questions arise. Can artificial intelligence occupy the current positions of humans? What can and can't be done with Generative Chat AI?

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advocate protective measures

Perhaps inspired by sci-fi stories about AI taking over the planet, some prominent tech figures have called for caution not to give the AI ​​too much leeway. Last week, Elon Musk and many others signed a petition urging companies to do thisPause in large-scale AI developmentUntil further security measures can be installed.

Concerns about privacy and security

OpenAI warns that its products should not be used to make decisions in the following areaslaw enforcement or world politics.privacy, which is perhaps a more pressing issue than global dominance, is leading to thisItaly will ban ChatGPT; Since then, OpenAI has stated that it hopes to find a way to create ChatGPTwork in itStrict EU data protection regulations.

Will artificial intelligence take over jobs?

Other major concerns about ChatGPT come from those that might workreplace instead of strengthenChatGPT also raises ethical questions about using written content created by the algorithm. Articles or marketing copy created by AI should be clearly labeled, but what about casual communications like emails? Executives should develop policies to be transparent about when ChatGPT or other AI is being used at work.

Who are ChatGPT's competitors?

ChatGPT's main competitor is or could be that of GooglePoet, Ernie from Baidu, Sparrow from DeepMind and Meta fromMixer.

Google Bards

ChatGPT's main competitor is Bard, Google's AI-powered AI chatbot. People who want to try Bard's chat feature need to become a memberwaiting list.

Now Google plans to add Bard to search. Compared to ChatGPT, Bard focuses more on creating prose that sounds like a human can speak naturally, rather than being able to answer questions. Bard is based on Google's language model for conversational applications.

While Microsoft is currently at the forefront of adding chat functionality to productivity software, the company is lagging behind with its search engine, Bing. Google takes the opposite view: its search engine is a household name, but the company has no competitor for ready-made AI. Meanwhile, ChatGPT helps reach Bing100 million daily active users.

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Ernie van Baidu

Chinese search engine Baidu is planning to add a chatbot called Ernie. Baidu announced the upcoming changes on March 16, while they were still preliminarydisappointed investor.

The Sparrow by DeepMind

OpenAI also competes with Alphabet's own AI research lab DeepMind; However, the two organizations have very different goals. DeepMind is more research focused and has yet to release a chatbot to the public. DeepMind has Sparrow, a tool specifically designed to support AIuseful, correct, harmlessDeepMind founder Demis Hassabis told meindependentIn January 2023, DeepMind may release a private beta of Sparrow later in 2023.

Time to BlenderBot

Meta released BlenderBot in August 2022.Prototype BlenderBotThe company behind Facebook focused on being able to chat, offering short conversational replies instead of full paragraphs.

what about apples

accordinglyNew York Times, Apple is working to build a ChatGPT competitor that will leverage existing technology, specifically Siri. However, detailed information about what the final product might look like is currently scarce.

The future of artificial intelligence in business

Will ChatGPT be ubiquitous in future online products or will it always be a technological innovation looking for bigger use cases? Today, its "intelligence" appears to be in its infancy, and OpenAI includes a disclaimer about inappropriate content or false "illusions." ChatGPT can put words in a contiguous order, but doesn't necessarily contain the truth.

Meanwhile, viral AI announcements can be good or bad news for investors.Microsoft stock pricerose after the announcement of GPT-4 whileGoogle stock fallsWhen Bud doesn't do well in the demo.

What's next for OpenAI?

Currently, OpenAI says it is not training on GPT-5, the likely successor to the current model. exista readingreported MITRand, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman refuted the open letter - an early draft had indicated that a 5th generation was imminent; First he criticized the letter for lack of technical specificity.

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"We're doing other things on top of GPT-4 that I think have several significant security issues that need to be addressed but are totally out of the question," Altman said.

No one should expect GPT-5 to be rolled out "for some time," he said.

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