Google Voice for Business: Pros and Cons, Features, Plans [2023] (2023)

Google Voice for Business comes with a set of standard features that make it an affordable phone system for small businesses. However, the service also lacks calling functionality for growing businesses. To understand if the service is right for your business, let's summarize the pros and cons.

simplicity- Easily add an additional phone line if you already have a Workplace accountlimited functionality- Key features of business phone services are missing, such as toll-free numbers, custom numbers, extensions, and visual call flows.
Good for a first smoothie.– SMEs with 2 or fewer employees can start with basic service functionsfew updates- Compared to ever-evolving business phone services, the product is not updated as frequently to accommodate the growing market.
Use of multiple devices.- The web version and the mobile application are available on all devices with an Internet connection.Only integrates with Workplace apps– The lack of other integrations is a disadvantage for companies that need to integrate their contact base with customer relationship management platforms and other sales/team tools.
Good option for remote workers and freelancers.– Calls can be made from anywhere with internet or Wi-Fi through the appno votes- It does not provide advanced analytics, except for the option for its top users to export language data to BigQuery.
Suitable for teams with little technical knowledge.– Using the system is as easy as using WhatsApp or Skype, so anyone who knows how to use a smartphone can use support- The mobile app is easy to use, like most competing mobile apps. Administrators still need to configure the system online, including tasks like routing, response rules, call flows, etc. And if you need help with that, the online help forum is your one stop shop.
Part of the Workspace ecosystem- Convenient for users who are already subscribed to Workspacehidden charges– As the service is an add-on, you need a Workspace subscription in addition to your VoIP calling subscription.

Google Phone System - Limitations

In addition to the features mentioned above, the service also has certain limitations. If your small business is actively growing, please rate the following if you offer national online services like E-Com or use external management tools like CRM platforms.

  • Available in select countries- Google phone service is available in the following countries: United States, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Number portability restrictions –If you are changing carriers but want to keep your number, the address on the port request must match the primary location entered in the admin console.
  • No toll free and personalized numbers– No Toll Free, allowing callers to reach a business without additional fees or custom numbers, making a memorable business number.
  • No external integrations–Google Phone System for Business only integrates with other workspace apps like Meet and Calendar, but does not offer the integrations of a business phone system.
  • No extensions and call history- Flows of missed calls and extensions, useful when your business is more than two people.
  • minimal user support- If you have problems with the product, the company's online support forum is the only support resource to which you have access. Except googling, of course.
  • insecure caller id- Calls and text messages sent through the touch panel of your phone use your personal identification. Only calls from the Voice app will appear as your Google Voice number.
  • lack of analysis– Call analysis provides information about caller behavior, user patterns, and agent service. This essential tool for business growth is not provided.
  • deficiencies in data protection– It stores all your confidential communication information on the company's servers, along with the rest of the information that the corporate giant has collected about you.
  • Automation limitations- The only automation provided is the default auto attendant. Also, there is no multi-level IVR and no automation tools like web call widgets, click to call buttons, etc.

Google Voice for Business: Pros and Cons, Features, Plans [2023] (1)Mighty Call Solution

MightyCall is a telephone system oriented to SMEs that guarantees a professional corporate image with constantly updated functions. Here are some limitations of GVoice that you can solve with MightyCall:

  • international numbers -Expand your business vision with global local numbers in a growing list of countries
  • Extensions and call histories –It allows teams to stay together under the umbrella of a single number with multiple extensions.

MightyCall Anrufweiterleitung

  • Incoming and outgoing caller ID -A service called CNAM gives you the ability to display your company name as your outgoing caller ID.
  • CRM Integration –An increasing number of integrations like MightyCall for HubSpot and moreIntegration options via Zapier.
  • Privacy & Security -The infrastructure is distributed in different data centers. All connections are protected by 256-bit encrypted SSL certificates.

MightyCall features are designed for organizations of all sizes. Take a look at our 3 versatilitypricing plansto get started with a new business number or to transfer your existing number for free. Our live support team answers all your questions.

Switch from Google Voice to MightyCall

The good of a professionalVoIP platformhow MightyCall is, no matter how much your business expands, you will never exceed your resources. If you already have a number with anotherVoIP serviceand want to change, MightyCall offersBuchnumber portability. This way you can keep your current number, well known to customers, but get all the benefits of a more competitive phone.

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To transfer your number to MightyCall:

  1. Submit your portability request- Provide the name of the Authorized Person as it appears on the operator account you are switching from, your email address on the MightyCall account, and the LOA - Letter of Authorization.
  2. Wait for the door to pass We will contact your current provider once we receive your completed port-in form. MightyCall will receive a date from your current provider when they will allow the transfer of your number. This usually takes about a week, but it depends on your provider and can take up to 15 days.
  3. Get started with MightyCall – voila! Everything is ready for you to use your existing number with all the additional features of MightyCall.

MightyCall call and communication history

Google Voice Use Cases for Enterprises

As with any technology solution, the benefits of choosing one service or another will depend on your use case. Let's take a look at what kinds of businesses benefit from Google Voice, and who might be better off finding another alternative. And when you're done, be sure to check it out.actual customer use case.

When Google business phone service is a good option

If you hit at least two of these points,with Google Voice for Businessyou can see it well:

  • Freelancers and solopreneurs If you are traveling alone or have some private clients and you need a second phone line to avoid mixing those calls with your personal ones.
  • remote workers and frequent travelers as anothervoip platforms,The service is available wherever you have a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection.
  • Localcompanies– The service only provides numbers with locationprimaries, making them unacceptable for domestic companies.
  • Active workspace subscribers- If you are already using the platform and have an active subscription, there is only a small additional fee to integrate your phone system compared to new Workspace users.
  • Users of "Lite" phones If your SME doesn't plan to handle many calls through the service, the company can provide you with a useful additional phone line.
  • Very small companies without CRM management– Because Google's business phone service doesn't integrate with CRM platforms, it's best suited for entrepreneurs who keep it small and don't use external contact management tools.

When is it better to consider solutions other than Google phone service for your business?

  • Teams of 2+ people or 2+ departments- Teams need a full dashboard, extensions, analytics, call history, and other phone features that the company doesn't offer.
  • Nationalcompanies- While nottoll free numbersare planned, a national company with only onelocal phone numberyou will lose many customers
  • Entrepreneurs explore growth potential– Google Phone System does not offer caller information or professional features with integrations. That doesn't make it a good solution for growing companies that need communication analytics.
  • Companies that use many different platforms If you use other tools outside of Workspace, you'll be happier with an alternative that integrates with CRM platforms and other apps.
  • test users" If you plan to just "test" it on yours.Google Voice companyand switch to another carrier if you don't like it later, you may need to keep your current number as the service often has issues with number porting.

How to set up Google phone service for your business

AndGoogle voice numberSounds like the ideal solution for your communication needs, here it to usea newbusiness numberwith the service or porting of your existing number.

  1. Buy a Workspace subscription. If you already have a subscription, skip this step. Otherwise,Buy a Workspace account. Voice is only available as an add-on for Workspace subscribers ($6-$18 per user/mo).
  2. Gonna google voice and click Start. You need to sign in to Workspace at this point, and then you'll be prompted to add or update a subscription.
  3. Pick aPlan Google voice(from US$10 to US$30).
  4. Set your locations.
  5. Assign licenses to team members.
  6. At this point, you can select local numbers for you and your team (national numbers and extensions are not available).
  7. If you prefer to transfer the current number you use for business purposes, the company charges a transfer fee of $20.
  8. Set up features like voicemail, auto attendant, and ringing groups (if available on your plan).

are you ready to go

Other solutions like Google Voice for Business

If you're still doubtinggoogle voiceIs it a good fit for your team, or do you prefer to keep your data away from the internet giant? There are manyVoIP services for small businessesThey offer the same calling functionality and simplicity, but are more customer-focused and better protect your privacy. As smart people say, "Different scams for different people" so scroll down toWork phone numberSolutions that make the most sense for your specific needs.

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Google Voice for Business: Pros and Cons, Features, Plans [2023] (2)MightyCallName

MightyCall is a leaderVoIPTechnology that combines high quality calls, security and speedCustomer service,and a litany of resources. They are a solid choice for many different businesses. An independent flower shop or small pizza chain would find a home in MightyCall.


  • Dozens of useful and important resources
  • Different price levels available
  • All plans have a 7-day trial


  • The lowest priced plan has 1000 minutes and 1000 texts

Price (all per user/per month):

  • Small team: $12
  • Business:15 $
  • Company: Contact for more information

better for: Small and medium sizecompanies

Try Mighty Call

with a 7 day trial

Free trial period

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as cloud basedVoIP provider, RingCentral has 20 years of experience. Recently, they have mainly focused on video communication and video conferencing. This would be a good option for a company that helps universities organize group trips abroad. Video is key in a case like this, but it's probably scattered as well, and that's where the internet phone number comes into play.


  • Text messages can be used at the lowest price
  • Video calls at the highest prices available
  • Designed for a team: the lowest level offers up to 20 users


  • Linux no es compatible
  • Users reported that assigned tasks were lost

Price (all per month):

(Video) Google Voice vs RingCentral - Which One Is Better?

  • Basic Kit: $19.99
  • Standard: $27.99
  • Precio: 34,99 $
  • Maximum: $49.99

better for: Teamwork in home office


Ooma is available for both SMB and residential settings and has extensive designs and configurations for both. They fit the profile of a family of four living in a standard suburban house.Businessspreading through a small town.


  • They offer many different options for people in different financial situations.
  • Offers internet service


  • They offer a lot and specialize in the small.
  • Fees complicate pricing

Pricing (All Ooma Office and month/per user):

  • Ooma Office Essentials: $19.95
  • Ooma Office Pro: US$24.95
  • Ooma Office Pro Plus: US$ 29,95

better for: People who work from home

Google Voice - Good VoIP Launcher for Independent Business Owners

As part of the Internet giant's broader ecosystemgoogle voiceIt has its pros and cons. all things saidGoogle Voice for Small Businessesis a practical and lightweight software suitable for both freelancers and independent entrepreneurs. Regarding teams and growthcompaniesSince porting a number to/from the Google Business Phone System is an expensive option and not always available, this type ofSmall businessYou may want to go for a more scalable solution without the hassle of additional subscription costs.

(Video) How to Get a Google Voice Number for Your Small Businesses

As your rush increases, be sure to explore and compare theLeading VoIP Solutionsbefore joining a subscription. You can also get a cheap 7-day trial of MightyCallbusiness phoneSolution with powerfulCRMIntegrations and dozens of features built for growing businesses. it all starts belowGoogle workspacepackage - only in$12 per user/month.


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