Google Voice for Business trial and pricing for 2022 (2023)

Your company phone system serves as direct contact with all the important people in your company or business. So you need to choose an efficient solution that provides the tools and resources you need to enhance and support your communications without breaking the bank. That's where Google's business phone service comes in!

For this reasoncommercial telephone answeringget a variety of calling tools, features and functions. This article takes a detailed look at Google Voice for Business. You'll also learn about their pricing structure and the difference between their different plans. But first, let's see what this communication solution really is.

Unser Google Voice Business Review

What is Google Business Phone Service?

Google Voice for Business es una VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application offered by Google. This phone service offers business users a variety of tools and features along with a phone number. You can make all your business communications more convenient and accessible on any smartphone device.

Using this phone service is very simple. All you have to do is download the app or sign up and create an account. You can then select your phone number to make low-cost calls. In addition, you have access to various resources and communication tools.

This phone service connects to all other types of communication in the Google domain. These types of communication include email through Chat and Gmail, and video calls and voice calls through Google Hangouts.

Google Voice offers very affordable calls within Canada and the United States, as well as great international calling rates. This makes Google Voice for Business an extremely affordable and efficient solution for making and receiving calls from virtually anywhere in the world.

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How do businesses typically use Google Voice?

One of the highlights of Google Voice is its versatility. Companies use the service mainly in 6 ways:

  • How to use a different area code
  • As a dedicated answering machine
  • To handle large volumes of calls
  • For customer relationship management (CRM) and SMS
  • For privacy and call monitoring
  • For video and instant messaging

People also use this business phone service to keep their personal phone numbers completely private. It is not advisable to use your personal cell phone number for business purposes for various reasons. One of those many reasons is the lack of privacy. Google Voice allows you to forward your business phone number to your smartphone.

You can also set it to play during the hours you set. So you don't have to take calls overnight and have a healthy work-life balance!

Google Voice for business key features

There is no doubt that this company offers several useful features, tools and communication features that fully enhance and support voice communication. Below are some of the key features that make the service a good choice.

Call monitoring and privacy

Google Voice for Business gives you the option to protect your privacy by creating a separate business phone number. You can highlight that particular phone number anywhere online to promote customer calls or services. You can do this without worrying about revealing your contact numbers for personal use.

virtual number

Just like a decade ago, Google Voice offers customers a virtual number that people can use for business or even personal purposes. As with other Voice over Internet Protocol solutions, all incoming calls to the Google Voice number are redirected to your smartphone. Furthermore, you can also forward that particular number to various different devices like different tablets. All these devices play together at the same time.

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call forwarding

Call forwarding is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial features of this Google phone service. This particular feature helps you manage a high volume of calls by giving you the ability to provide an official business number. Plus, calls to your team members are efficiently and quickly forwarded as soon as they arrive.

In fact, Google Voice for Business is ideal for those who change jobs frequently. The flexibility of receiving messages online and transferring a call to any number makes this the ultimate communication platform. This is especially true for everyone who works in different places from time to time and is constantly on the go.

voicemail to email transcription

Google's VoIP business phone service offers an excellent voicemail to email transcription feature. This is a great way to manage all your communications in one place.

When a specific person leaves a voice message for someone, the system sends the transcript of the message to a specific email address. Consequently, any member of your work team can contact you. This valuable resource can be very effective if you travel frequently or work with a distributed team. This makes it easy to work with your voicemail and email in one place.

You can review transcripts on the go to ensure you respond to all important messages in a timely manner. In addition, you can also forward these messages to anyone on your team who can answer questions or provide information.

By making sure you consistently serve and give back to business customers and customers, you can build trusting and loyal relationships with others. It also helps give your company's brand a reputation for care and responsiveness.

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Local Area Codes

You have the option of choosing your phone number from a list provided by Google when you set up your account.

These options are updated periodically. However, not all areas are easily available. You may have the ability to select a specific area code that is in your primary service, location in your business, or even prospecting areas.

Having a trusted, local phone number increases the likelihood that potential customers will pick up your calls. It also eliminates long distance hassles for multiple customers or customers in your targeted business areas.


You can download the Google Voice mobile app from Google Play and the App Store to manage all your business communications from anywhere. The Google Voice mobile app syncs seamlessly with all the major devices users use, e.g. B. smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.

Other benefits of Google Voice for businesses

The company offers numerous benefits that businesses around the world can enjoy for free or at a very low cost. Additionally, it's important to keep a few caveats in mind when deciding if Google Voice is right for your business needs.

  • Cheap calls to Canada and the United States of America and very cheap rates for international calls
  • The service can be integrated with various customer relationship management solutions.
  • The service solutions are also mobile and very easy to use.
  • The features of this phone service can help you handle high volumes of calls, from voicemail to email transcription to call routing.
  • Google Voice for Business has a very intuitive and simple interface. Most users find this interface incredibly easy to navigate. This in turn increases your efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Limitations to consider

On the other hand, this business communication app also has some limitations that you should be aware of:

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  • Call quality may vary depending on location and device used
  • User support is limited. You only have access to self-help forums and documentation for answers and support with technology.
  • Google Voice phone numbers are often recycled. This means you may not get the exact area code or number you want.

Google Voice Pricing

The Google Voice pricing structure is divided into three different plans. These plans come with their own fees, ranging from $10 to $30 per month per user. The main differences between these plans are access to premium features like advanced reporting and automated attendants, and the total number of users allowed. International calling rates start at just 1 cent.

BeginnerStandardPrime Minister
Pricing (per user, per month)10 dollars20 dollars30 dollars
ideal forSmall businesses with 10 or fewer users who need basic VoIP functionalityThose who need more than 10 seats and premium featuresLarge companies that want to take advantage of the full potential of the service and have offices and an international reach
Number of users1-10UnlimitedUnlimited
Mobile apps for iOS and AndroidSimSimSim
voice mail transcriptSimSimSim
multilevel auto attendantNOSimSim
advanced reportsNONOSim
desk phone holderNOSimSim

Google's personal calling plan is the default option for people with personal Google accounts. Any subscriber to any edition of G Suite, such as G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise, G Suite for Education, G Suite for Nonprofits, and G Suite Basic, can choose between Premium, Standard, and Starter plans.

All Business plans also include:

  • Each seat has a unique phone number
  • Unlimited minutes for all incoming calls
  • Unlimited minutes for all calls on the Google network
  • Unlimited minutes for outgoing calls to Canada and the United States of America
  • Per minute rates are also available.

One of the best things about these plans is that you can cancel your subscription at any time without paying additional fees. All users who subscribe to a flexible monthly plan can immediately cancel their subscriptions to stop billing.

Is this phone service perfect for your needs?

Google Voice is best for small businesses, contractors, and consultants who travel frequently or work remotely. If you're a small business that wants a local number with voicemail, calling, and text message management capabilities, Google Voice is the best option for you.

With this service you can have a separate local phone number for all your business correspondence. Google Voice for Business also provides basic VoIP features such as text message management, master call management, and voicemail in a single platform that syncs across all users' devices. All these features add up to one phone number!

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However, lighter voice solutions like Google Hangouts may be more suitable for you based on your specific business needs. To do this, make sure you know your exact needs and compare them with the main features and benefits of this business phone service.

Keep in mind that Google Voice offers a number of free tools and features for which many VoIP providers charge a fee. However, large organizations with complicated customization needs and high call volume may not find Google Voice's feature set robust enough.

Final Thoughts on Google's Business Phone Service

All in all, it cannot be denied that Google Voice is an excellent communication app. It meets the needs of almost all small businesses. However, before signing up, it is important that you do a thorough research. Carefully examine all the features it offers. This way, you can decide if Google Voice is the right option for you.


Does Google Voice for business cost anything? ›

Important: To use Google Voice features, subscribe to Google Voice for business, which starts at $10 USD per user, per month, and to Google Workspace. Google Workspace starts at $6 per user per month and includes the following: An ad-free Gmail account with your company's domain name, such as

Is there a free Google Voice for business? ›

1. Free calls to the US. Google Voice for business lets you make unlimited outbound calls to contacts in the US.

Is Google Voice free in 2023? ›

While some services may require you to link a paid phone line, there's no cost to use Google Voice itself. I use Voice for my personal voicemail, but I &he…

How many phone numbers do you get with Google Voice for business? ›

Get more done with Voice and Google Workspace
Voice Pricing plansStarterBEST VALUE Standard
$10 USD$20 USD
Number of usersup to 10Unlimited
Regional LocationNoneUnlimited
Domestic Locationup to 10Unlimited
27 more rows

What is the difference between Google Voice and Google Voice business? ›

The difference between Google Voice Personal and Business is also in the number of users and locations. The Personal Plan is exclusively for the United States, meanwhile the Business plan has available telephone numbers in 13 countries/regions for callers: Belgium.

How much does business voice cost? ›

Business Voice Pricing and Functionality

A Business Voice plan is a $20/user/month bundle and includes: Phone System - With standard features such as voicemail, caller ID, call menus, shared phone lines, and emergency calling (You can see the full list here)

How much is a Google Voice subscription? ›

Compare Voice features by plan
Users and locationsStarter $10 USD per user / monthStandard $20 USD per user / month
Number of usersUp to 10Unlimited*
LocationsDomestic onlyDomestic and regional

How do I set up Google business for free? ›

Sign up for Business Profile
  1. On your computer, sign in to your Google Account, or create one. ...
  2. Go to create a profile.
  3. Enter the name of your business. ...
  4. Search for your business category.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose whether you have a location customers can visit. ...
  7. Enter the service area of your business.

Is Google Voice not free anymore? ›

It's a free service to sign up for, and as long as you use it to communicate between your Google Voice number and other U.S. numbers, it's totally free to place calls and send text messages. When you want to place calls overseas, you'll need to add credits to your account to pay for service.

What are the disadvantages of Google Voice? ›

Cons of Google Voice
  • Texting is for US customers only. ...
  • Works only with other Google apps. ...
  • Costs more than other VoIP providers. ...
  • Caps users. ...
  • Collaboration is limited. ...
  • Getting the right context takes extra time. ...
  • No toll-free numbers. ...
  • No auto-replies.
Apr 13, 2023

How can I get a free business phone number? ›

Free Phone Number Services
  1. Google Voice. This is probably one of the more popular free business phone services because there are millions of Gmail users worldwide. ...
  2. TextFree. TextFree is an application available on the iOS and Google Play app stores. ...
  3. Callcentric. ...
  4. LINE. ...
  5. Dingtone.
Mar 28, 2023

How many Google Voice numbers can you have for free? ›

As a general rule, your Google Voice account can have only one number associated with it. If you already have a Google Voice number, you can transfer it to your Google Fiber Phone number, or choose a new Google Fiber Phone number, which replaces your Google Voice number.

How do I use Google Voice for my small business? ›

Setup steps (recommended)
  1. Add Voice to Google Workspace.
  2. Add your Voice locations.
  3. Assign Voice licenses to users.
  4. Assign Voice numbers to users.
  5. Support your Voice users.

Can you get unlimited numbers on Google Voice? ›

Getting more than one number on a free Google Voice account isn't possible. Google Voice limits each user to a single phone number. There are two workarounds you can use to access multiple numbers through the Google Voice app, but both options come with some drawbacks.

How do I get Google Voice for my business? ›

Once your organization has Google Workspace, follow these steps to add Voice:
  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console. ...
  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu Apps. ...
  3. At the top, click Add Services.
  4. Under Categories, click Google Voice.
  5. Below the Voice subscription you want to add, click Get Started.

Why use Google Voice for small business? ›

The benefits of Google phone service for business are primarily the flexibility to make and receive calls on any mobile device, low costs as compared to landlines or a separate SIM card, and the small business call features it provides.

Can I move my business phone number to Google Voice? ›

If your organization has existing phone numbers with another service provider, you can port (or move) those numbers to Google Voice.

Is Business Voice still available? ›

By the end of June 2022, Business Voice will be retired, so we recommend businesses to switch to Microsoft Teams Phone with Calling Plan bundle licenses. Business Voice bundled the following three Teams add-on licenses: Microsoft Teams Phone for a cloud-based Phone System in Microsoft Teams.

How does business voice work? ›

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based telephony solution in Microsoft Teams that offers phone system capabilities like call park, call forwarding, auto attendants, call queues, audio conferencing, and calling plans.

What is voice for business? ›

Get a phone system designed for Office 365. Built for small and medium businesses. Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern cloud-based telephony solution that integrates into Office 365. It gives you calling together with chat and meetings in a single app, Microsoft Teams.

Is Google Voice good for business? ›

Google Voice is a smart option for small businesses that already use Google Workspace. It's also ideal for freelancers on a tight budget who need a separate, free phone number to conduct business.

Does Google Voice cost money to text? ›

With your Google Voice number, you can send text messages at no charge to U.S. and Canadian numbers (excluding U.S. territories American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands).

Does Google Voice balance expire? ›

Prepaid credits are billed at the time of purchase. Unless prohibited by law, any outbound calling credit that you have purchased will expire six months from the most recent date of use, and may not be transferred.

How long does it take for Google to verify your business? ›

They can take up to seven business days. When you're verified, you get a notification. If we can't verify your business with the first method, the “Get verified” button shows up again. If this happens, try a different verification method.

Does Google have a small business program? ›

Google My Business offers a free profile for your business and makes it discoverable by customers on Google Search and Maps. You can manage your free business profile on Google My Business App or on

What is Google free Business Profile? ›

Google Business Profile, formerly called Google My Business, is a free service that enables businesses to establish a profile with their location, contact information, and customer reviews. A completely filled-out Google Business Profile makes it easier for customers to find you and adds legitimacy to your brand.

Is there a better app than Google Voice? ›

Nextiva is one of the best Google Voice alternative solutions because offers multiple advanced telephony features–CRM, analytics, video conferencing, AI, and automation–which make their business phone system a collaboration and customer-outreach powerhouse.

Why doesn't Google Voice work anymore? ›

If your Google Assistant doesn't work or respond to “Hey Google” on your Android device, make sure Google Assistant, Hey Google and Voice Match are turned on: On your Android phone or tablet, go to Assistant settings, or open the Google Assistant app. and say, “Assistant settings.”

Why is Google Voice shutting down? ›

What you need to know. Google is shutting down the legacy Voice service for personal accounts in February as part of its transition to the new app. However, some of the Google Voice's longstanding features on the web won't carry over to the new experience.

How long will Google Voice be free? ›

In 2023, Google Voice is phasing out its free personal plan.

What not to do on Google Voice? ›

Do not use Google Voice to data mine phone numbers or other information. Do not automate our system to place phone calls or send messages automatically. Do not forward to phone numbers that aren't your own or under your control.

What are the limits to Google Voice? ›

Each Google Voice plan includes:

Domestic business phone numbers for up to 10 users. Number porting. Unlimited calling and unlimited SMS texting within the US. MMS Messaging (under 2MB/message) and group texting for up to 8 users.

What is the best number to use for a business? ›

Local numbers

If appearing local is important to your business, a local number is the clear choice. They make your business feel familiar and relevant to customers within a certain area. Not to mention cheap to call – consumers understand this, too.

How can I get a private US number for free? ›

How to Get a US Number Free?
  1. CallHippo.
  2. TextNow.
  3. TextFree.
  4. Google Voice.
  5. Skype.

Can I get a virtual phone number for my business? ›

Virtual phone numbers can be purchased in several ways. If your business already has a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, you can add virtual numbers to your current package through your VoIP provider. This generally costs $5 to $10 a month per number.

How many times can I change my Google Voice number? ›

After you delete your current Google Voice number, you still see your call history and text messages. However, you can only change your Google Voice number once a year. You can't change your Google Voice number if you have a Google Workspace account through your job or school.

Can two people use the same Google Voice number? ›

A: Yes, multiple people can use the same Google Voice number as long as they are all logged in to the same Google Voice account. Each person will need their own device and phone number to use the Google Voice service.

What is Google business starter? ›

Business Starter edition is a set of collaborative productivity apps that offers your business professional email, secure video conferencing, shared calendars, online document editing, and much more.

How often do Google Voice numbers expire? ›

With Google Voice, you get a free phone number for calls, text messages, and voicemail. You can use the apps on smartphones and computers, and you can link your number to any mobile or landline number. *You will lose your Google voice number after 30 days of inactivity. Google reassigns unused numbers after 30.

Can I delete my Google Voice number and get a new one? ›

You can delete your current Google Voice number and get a new one. If you don't have a Google Voice number, sign up for Google Voice. Important: This feature isn't available for Voice for Google Workspace accounts managed by your work or school. Learn more about Google Voice account types.

Does Google for business cost money? ›

Your Business Profile is a free tool that allows you to take charge of the way your business appears on Google Search and Maps. With your Business Profile, you can connect with customers, post updates, list your products and services, accept online orders, and more.

Does Google Voice charge taxes and fees? ›

Google Voice is mostly free to use. It costs you no money to sign up for an account or to claim a Google Voice number. Also, calls made through Google Voice to numbers in the United States and Canada are free, with a few exceptions. Calls made through Google Voice to anywhere else will cost money.

Why is Google business charging me? ›

Each month, you're charged for the number of users your organization had per day during the previous month. A prorated payment for a partial month can happen, for example, after your free trial ends (Month 1 in the illustration).

How much Google charges small business? ›

Google is going to start charging small businesses for use of its Google Workspace suite of tools, including Gmail. The fee is expected to be about $6 a month.

What is the disadvantage of Google Voice? ›

One of the biggest cons of Google Voice is the cost associated with the service. Of course, the personal use plan is free but the paid plans can be expensive for small business owners. The plans start at $10 per month. That excludes the $6 you'll have to pay per month for access to Google Workspace.

What are the cons of using Google Voice? ›

Cons of Google Voice
  • Texting is for US customers only. ...
  • Works only with other Google apps. ...
  • Costs more than other VoIP providers. ...
  • Caps users. ...
  • Collaboration is limited. ...
  • Getting the right context takes extra time. ...
  • No toll-free numbers. ...
  • No auto-replies.
Apr 13, 2023

Why would you pay for Google Voice? ›

You can use the service to make and receive phone calls, as well as send text messages. You can also use it to forward calls from one number to another, so you can easily manage all of your communication from your phone. Since Google Voice is a VoIP service, it works solely over the Internet.

What are the rates for Google Voice? ›

To make paid calls, buy credit from Google Voice.
  • When you're calling from the US, almost all Google Voice calls to the US and Canada are free.
  • Calls to a few places in the US and Canada cost 1 cent per minute USD, or the listed rate for your local currency.
  • Calls to places outside the US are at listed rates.


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