How to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (2023)

Using Google Voice for Business is quick and easy as long as you have a stable internet connection and a Google account. It works flawlessly on iOS and Android devices, a web browser, and even a desktop phone. Key features include unlimited national calling, text messaging, voicemail transcription, and an auto attendant. In this tutorial, we explain how to use Google Voice and make the most of its features.

Introduction to Google Voice

To use Google Voice, you need a Google account. Open after your web browser. You will be asked if you want to use Google Voice for personal or business use. We provide separate steps below to configure Google Voice for both options:

Step 1:Select the "For Personal Use" button and select your preferred iOS, Android or web device. If you want to use your mobile device, we recommend installing the Google Voice app. For this tutorial we will choose the web option.

Step 2:Enter your city or area code to see what numbers are available and select the phone number you want to use.

Stage 3:Click the "Confirm" button to enter your US-based phone number and select "Send Code". Then enter the 6-digit code which will be sent to your phone via SMS.

Level 4:Tap the "Finish" button to complete the setup. From here, you can go to the main Google Voice dashboard.

In our guide on how to get oneGoogle Voice Number, we provide a step-by-step video guide to set up your personal Google Voice account in minutes.

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Google Voice requires users to have an existing US number to qualify for its services. (Spring:Google Voice)

Google Voice only supports calls between Google Voice phone numbers in the US and Canada. It is also available in most continental European countries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. However, Google does not allow countries outside the US to make calls using Google Voice.

Step 1:Select the For Business button to access the product page.

Step 2:On the next screen, click the Get Started button to view subscription options.

Choose a plan from three pricing tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premier.

Stage 3:Register your Google Workspace account to start your Google Voice business plan. If you don't have one, select the Sign Up link in the pop-up window. Notify those whose Google Workspace account is managed by an administrator that you want access to Google Voice.

Level 4:After verifying your Google Workspace account, you will be taken to an information page that explains your chosen plan. Make sure you read everything before clicking the Get Started button.

Step 5:Review your payment plan and click Pay. In the next window, enter your business address and credit card information. Make sure your entry is correct before submitting your payment.

(Video) Using Google Voice to manage business lines

Step 6:Click the Get Started button to set up your work Google Voice account. You can now set up your business location, add more users, and request phone numbers.

See our completeGoogle-Voice-Reviewand find out if this platform is right for your small business needs.

make calls

Call domestic and international locations with your Google Voice number. Here are two ways to start a Google Voice call from your computer or mobile device:

To place a call from your desktop:

Step choose CallsHow to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (2).

Step 2:In the top search bar, type the name of the saved contact you want to call. If the number is not a saved contact, tap the keypad and enter the number.

Stage 3:select the callHow to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (3)button to make the call.

How to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (4)

On the desktop app, you can find the Calls tab in the top left corner of your dashboard. (Spring:Chrome Online Store)

How to make a call from your mobile device:

Step 1:Open the Google Voice app and tap CallsHow to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (5)bottom left of the screen.

Step 2:There are two ways to choose who you want to call:

  • To enter a number, tap the keyboardHow to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (6).
  • To call a saved contact, tap ContactsHow to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (7)or type the name in the top search bar.

Stage 3:ring the call How to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (8)I like.

To discover calling features in Google Voice, go to Settings in the Google Voice app. Here you can set your preferences for call forwarding, call filtering, missed call notifications and incoming call options. You can also configure your Wi-Fi or mobile data to make and receive calls.

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Making national and international calls is easy with the Google Voice mobile app
(Pretend:Google Workspace)

sending text messages

Google Voice limits text messages to up to seven phone numbers due to carrier restrictions and spam protection. You can use it to provide customer support, but it's not designed for bulk messaging. Follow these steps to start sending SMS:

(Video) Google Voice Full Tutorial From Start To Finish - How To Use Google Voice

Step 1:Open the voice app or navigate your table.

Step 2:Choose MessagesHow to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (10)and select Compose (mobile) or Send message (desktop).

Stage 3:Enter the contact's name or number in the recipient field.

Level 4:Write your message and press "Send".

To attach an image, click on the Image icon. Please note that images must be less than 2 MB. Anything larger than 2MB will be sent as a smaller file.

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Send unlimited text messages within the US using your Google Voice number. (Spring:YouTube)

start video calls

Google Voice lacks video capability for group calling, but you can switch calls to a one-on-one video calling session. However, this feature is limited to the Google Voice app on mobile devices. That's how it's done:

Step 1:Tap on CallsHow to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (12)bottom left of the screen.

Step 2:Enter a name in the search bar or use the keyboard to dial a phone number and tap the call button.

Stage 3:During the call you will see additional call features like add call, video call, mute and end call.

Level 4:tap on video callHow to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (13)Icon for starting a video call.

How to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (14)

Easily switch from calls to a 1:1 video call with the Google Voice mobile app (Source:thread of life)

Check the mailbox

The steps to check your voicemail are nearly identical on mobile and desktop. Follow these steps to check your voicemail:

Step 1:Tap VoicemailHow to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (15). Unopened voicemails are marked in bold.

Step 2:Select the voicemail you want to open and select the Play button. Below is the text transcript of your voicemail.

Stage 3:Tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right cornerto access the following functions:

  • copy number
  • copy transcript
  • add contact
  • block number
  • mark as spam
  • file
  • extinguish

How to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (16)

Google Voice uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe voice messages into text format. (Spring:Google Voice)

(Video) How To Get A FREE Business Phone Number w/ GOOGLE VOICE

Configuring the Auto Attendant

As abusiness phone systemyou can use Google Voice to set up a multi-level auto attendant to efficiently manage incoming calls. This gives callers a menu to answer their questions when no one on staff can answer the phone. To create one:

Step 1:In the admin console, go to Menu> Applications > Google Workspace > Google Voice > Automated Assistants.

Step 2:From there, you'll see a list of your current auto attendants. Click "Create" at the top.

Stage 3:Give your auto attendant a name and description. When finished, tap Create.

Level 4:Create an opening greeting by adding a welcome message. You can upload an audio recording or use the text-to-speech feature.

Step 5:Click Done.

Step 6:Under "Add a message for the n key", type a message to create a voice command. Example: "Press one for sales."

Step 7:Next to Choose Action, click the down arrow to choose what happens after the main message plays.

Step 8:Then adjust your business hours. Click Edit Business Hours on the left. You can define actions for holidays and after-hours closures.

Step 9:After configuring the auto attendant, click View in the lower right corner and click Call.

Step 10:After testing the automated wizard, click the Publish button to complete the setup.

How to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (17)

Google Voice makes setting up an auto attendant simple and straightforward with its user-friendly interface. (Spring:Google Workspace)

Create ringing groups

With Google Voice, you can create caller groups or a shared primary phone number where team members can receive calls from a single Google Voice number. An incoming call will ring all call group members until someone answers. Or you can call members one by one in random order. Note that members added to a group must have an assigned number or voice license.

Step 1:In the admin console, go to Menu> Applications > Google Workspace > Google Voice > Caller Groups.

Step 2:Click "Create" at the top.

Stage 3:Create a display name for your caller group and add a description (optional).

Level 4:In the Find Users field, enter the names of your caller group members. You can add up to 25 members.

(Video) How Does Google Voice for Business Work? - UC Today News

Step 5:Click Continue".

Step 6:You come to another window to configure call handling. Here you can set the tap order, attempt duration and maximum tap duration. You can also change the order in which all caller group members are called.

Step 7:Under "Missed calls", choose what happens if a call is not answered after 30 seconds.

Step 8:Click Create Ring Group.

Step 9:In the next window, you will be asked to assign numbers to your caller group. Although optional, it serves as a customer service number for your business.

Step 10:Select "Finish".

How to Use Google Voice to Communicate with Small Businesses (18)

Google Voice offers three options for your ring group order: rotating, simultaneous, and fixed order. (Spring:Google Voice)

View usage reports

Google Workspace administrators can access the Audit and Investigation page to review user activity on Google Voice. For example, you can view details about calls and text messages, including cost, duration, and exact times of calls.

Step 1:In the admin console, go to Menu> Reports > Audit Investigation > Voice Log Events.

Step 2:Choose Add Filter and choose an attribute.

Stage 3:In the pop-up window, choose an operator and value and click Apply.

Level 4:You can add multiple filters to your search. When finished, click Search.

Here are examples of attributes that can be used when searching for voice log event data:

  • call destination
  • call source
  • Cost
  • Given
  • duration of time
  • mailbox recipient
  • phone number
  • Service Name
  • Email address
  • New address

Need more help setting up a complete Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution? Check out our guideHow to Configure a VoIP Phone System. While you're at it, improve your staff's basic VoIP skills by checking out our guide on the subject.Top 5 VoIP certifications and training.

Best practices for using Google Voice

While Google Voice is incredibly easy to implement and use, there are a few strategies you can try to optimize Google Voice as a business phone system. Check out some of the best practices below:

  • Create a verbose name for your auto attendant:Be specific when creating a name and description for your auto attendant. It helps you find a specific auto attendant if you need to make changes later.
  • Assign a Google Voice license to your team:Before using Google Voice for Business, be sure to assign licenses to each team member.
  • Use a country code:When calling internationally, enter the country code before the phone number. For example, for the UK, enter +44 followed by the phone number.
  • Add a service address:Be sure to add a service address if you have a Google Voice number assigned. Remember that you cannot make calls without a service address.
  • Use your carrier's protocol:If your Internet connection is unstable, you can use Google Voice to use your calling plan minutes.
  • Pin the Google Voice tab to your browser:If you use Google Voice on your desktop, pin to your Chrome browser to receive calls even when you're working in other tabs.
  • Phone for contact:You can link up to six phone numbers to forward calls when you don't want to answer using Google Voice.
  • Use custom call routing:Custom call forwarding allows you to forward calls from an individual or a group of contacts to a specific phone number.
  • Use Google Contacts:Manage your contact list at If you change someone's phone number, be sure to update your rules for the new number.

final result

Using Google Voice for Business is easy if you have a Google account and a US phone number. It's a great business phone solution for beginners and small business owners with basic communication needs. It integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace apps and comes with a toll-free number, an easy-to-use interface, and tons of calling features.


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