Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (2023)

if you think ofDragon Ball ZVideo games, chances are you remember all these fighting games:budokai,Tenkaichi,angry explosion. They weren't all great games, but they captured the action that created them.DBZprimarily so popular. It makes sense to associateDragon Ballwith the fighting genre. However, the series did not begin with fighting games. It actually started out as a series of role-playing games for the Famicom, also known widely as the Nintendo Entertainment System.

More precisely, the firstDragon Ballwas actually called an aerial adventure game for the NESdragon powerBut the less talked about it, the better. immediately afterdragon childwas a card-based role-playing game that followed the King Piccolo saga. Maps were used to move around the world map and maps were used to attack enemies in random battles. This served as the staple that so many others haveDragon BallRoleplay would follow.

It's easy to writeDragon Ball ZThe RPGs are just a misrepresentation of what the series is about, but in some ways they capture the essence of the franchise better than the fighting games.DBZIt's more than just an action anime, it's a character-driven work. Is there a better genre to portray characters than an RPG? They weren't always good, but they were new, and that alone is what makes it soDBZRole-playing games worth trying.

20 Goku's legacy

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (1)

In 2002, Webfoot Technologies received a very special honor: they had the honor of developing the firstDragon Ball ZGame. Toei Animation even went so far as to create a new title art for the game.Goku's legacywould capitalize thatDBZfrenzy that swept America, and while the game actually won, it was criticized for being perhaps the worst adaptation ofDragon Ball Z.

Webfoot Technologies took the good faith Toei put into them and released a game with as little fuss as possible. History contradicts the basics.Dragon BallAccording to lore, simple wolves can kill Goku in two to three hits, and instead of allowing players to experience the story from Gohan and Piccolo's perspective, Webfoot added padding specifically for Goku to complete the game. Add some glitches and an awesome soundtrack,von Goku's Legacywas the worst first impression the western world could haveDBZrole playing game

19 Harukanaru Densetsu

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (2)

Althoughvon Goku's Legacyis definitely worse thanHarukanaru Densetsu, the latter is actually a bit more disappointing, since an effort has obviously been made.Harukanaru Densetsuis a card-based role-playing game for the Nintendo DS that reimagines the early Z-era Famicom role-playing games, but without the features that made those games so entertaining.

Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta each have their own story mode, which means you'll need to play almost every event four times to complete the game. In other,smartestRPGs in the series there is a story where you play different characters.Harukanaru DensetsuI decided that was stupid and that the replay was actually more fun. It's especially sad because the presentation is fantastic. The game has a good soundtrack, it feels like a manga and the map system had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, playing an RPG four times with one character is tedious and can not grasp thatDragon Ball ZGeist.

18 Renacimiento del Gran Rey Demonio (Daimaō Fukkatsu)

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (3)

Chances are you didn't grow up playingDragon BallRPGs on the Famicom, and that's fine considering most of them aren't very good.Daimao Fukkatsuis the first of those not-so-good RPGs that chronicle the King Piccolo saga. AsHarukanaru Densetsu, is a card-based turn-based RPG, and howHarukanaru Densetsu, there is little reason to invest time in it.

It goes without saying that a game that covers one of the shorter sagas in the series isn't going to be much fun. The RPG elements are not very refined, go through oneMario-PartyThe style board gets boring and your only character is Goku (like another terrible RPG). it is an interesting pieceDragon BallRPG history, but that's about it.

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17 Hot fight! Artificial people! (Ressen-Jinzoningen)

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (4)

Have you always wanted to play?Dragon Ball ZRPG that spanned the beginning of the Android saga until Cell first appeared before ending abruptly? Of course not, but the good news is that you can!Ressen Jinzoningenis the fifth card-based RPG for the Famicom and the third to cover itZwas. Unfortunately, development began before the Cell saga had even really begun. Bandai didn't let that stop him. What's wrong with releasing an incomplete game?

the only reasonRessen JinzoningenIt's not at the bottom of the list, but because it's at least interesting. Cooler charges mid-game to buy time, and Goku can avoid contracting the Heart Virus if he defeats Cooler quickly enough. This is also the first RPG to use a traditional leveling system. That's good? Not really, but at least it's uniqueDBZHistory of role-playing games

sixteen Plan to exterminate the Saiyans

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (5)

Although the Cell Games were over by this point, Bandai decided they would not tempt fate again. Instead of adapting the rest of the Cell saga with the Broly film as filler, theDBZThe RPG series has decided to tell its own story:Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku, or better known asPlan to exterminate the Saiyans, pitted the Z-Warriors against their villains from previous films and a new antagonist with an intense hatred for Saiyan.

With all ambitionUnfortunately, plan to eradicate the Saiyanssuffer the same fate asDaimao Fukkatsu: It is boring. At that time it was the sixth card-basedDBZOngoing role play. Market saturation is very important and so are these gamesveryThe same thing. Considering how hotly he came off the track of a game that ended in a huge cliffhanger, it seems odd. It gets points for originality, but not much more.

15 3: The Tale of Goku (3: Gokuden)

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (6)

Dragonball 3: Gökudenit's the second of the Famicom RPGs, hence the 3 in the title.gokudenis basically whatDaimao Fukkatsushould be the first. Instead of just covering a small saga, the game covers ALLDragon Ball. Goku is still your main playable character, but every now and then you'll get Krillin and Yamcha to balance things out.

gokudensuffers from many of the same problems asDaimao Fukkatsusadly, but it's easy to forgive considering it might be the caseDragon BallGame with which you can really play all sagas. You can even end up fighting Raditz as a secret boss. It's dated and hard to understand at times, but if you can find a good fan translation or can read Japanese, it's definitely worth playing.

14 Super-Lenda de Goku - Capítulo de Ataque (Super-Gokuden - Totsugeki-Henne)

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (7)

Super Gokuden - Totsugeki-Henne, ÖSuper Legend of Goku - Attack Chapter, is the first of two of the strangestDragon Ball ZGames you've probably never heard of. It's technically an RPG because you have stats, but there are no random battles and most of the game plays out like a visual novel where you navigate through the beginning of the game.Dragon Balluntil the end of the King Piccolo saga.

The fight is rock-paper-scissors against all bosses until you make the right decisions and win. An RNG-based RPG is rarely a good thing, but the current level of polish isunbelievablehigh. Almost unsettling. Some of the attack animations are too good for the Super Famicom. If you have the opportunity to playTotsugeki-gallina, Try it. Your perception of what constitutes aDragon BallRPGs will never be the same again.

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13 Super-Lenda de Goku - Capítulo Despertar (Super-Gokuden - Kakusei-Henne)

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (8)

Super Gokuden-Kakusei-Gallina, Also known asSuper Slow Motion of Goku - Awakening Chapter, is the continuation of the previous oneTotsugeki-gallina. Where it used to be rock-paper-scissors for fun, now go for rock-paper-scissors for fun.Tod.Kakusei-Hen immediately picks up where the last game left off. King Piccolo is dead and Goku is ready for the Piccolo Jr. Saga. Unlike the first game which covered almost everythingDragon Ball, that only goes as far as Goku's confrontation with Frieza. However, it's a lot of fun to get there.

This time you have access to Gohan, which keeps the fights surprisingly fresh. Both Goku and Gohan have their own moves and stats, so jumping between the two will ensure you don't get bored playing the same character. Consider thatZThe story is better written with more elaborate themes and arcs, and a strange adventure awaits.

12 The Rising Legend of Goku (Goku Hishoden)

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (9)

If the last two games felt strange to you, get ready for the next two.goku hishodenwas aDragon Ball ZHybrid RPG for the original Gameboy that started with the Piccolo Jr. saga and ended at the end of the Saiyan saga with Goku fighting Vegeta. The key word in this sentence is, of course, "hybrid". Do you see,goku hishodenIt's not an ordinary RPG, it's also a platform game and a rhythm game.

It's a little hard to believeDragon BallHe used to be so adventurous with his games, and that's what makes it so specialgoku hishodenso memorable: He was sincerely trying to be something new. It was still an RPG, but it deviated from the card system that governs Famicom games to add its own twist. It's not the bestDBZexperience out there, but it's one you certainly won't forget.

11 Goku's Wild Camp Legend (Goku Gekitōden)

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (10)

Wogoku hishodenIt was a good role-playing game for its eccentricities,Goku GekitōdenIt's a good RPG because its RPG elements are so sophisticated. Rather than being a turn-based RPG with platforming and rhythm elements, the second game is aactionRPG with platform and rhythm elements. Sort of. It's less of an ARPG and more of a real-time RPG. Either way, it's a refreshing twist that helps the game feel more like the anime.

Goku Gekitōden, like any continuation of aDragon Ball ZVideo game series picks up where the last one left off. Goku just allowed Vegeta to get off Earth alive, and now the remaining Z Fighters make their way to Namek to bring their friends back to life. Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, and Piccolo are all playable characters this time, which really brings the RPG aspect to the fore.

10 Xenoverso

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (11)

Xenoversois thisDragon Ball ZMMO RPG You've Always Wanted But Never Got (As Long As You Ignore The Failed Korean MMO)Dragonball online.) It promised character creation, skill customization, and all those pesky drop rates of your favorite MMOs. It is aDBZwet dream come alive. just as funny asXenoversoHowever, he suffered a severe identity crisis. I wanted to give fans an RPG experience, but I was too afraid to deviate from the conventions of fighting games.

It takes a long time to unlock all characters, battle mechanics don't match all stats, and team battles can be a bit awkward at times. after i said thatXenoversoalso has some of the highest for aDragon Ball ZRPG, and the novelty of creating your own character and making him a powerhouse never wears off. At its core, it's an arena fighter with RPG elements, but for a first try, that's not the worst thing in the world.

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9 The fusion

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (12)

In a decade with many boringDragon Ball Zvideo games,The fusionfor 3DS, it was the breath of fresh air the series desperately needed. Take out all the funPokémon, set your favoriteDBZCharacters with good RPG leveling and you have a game worth spending some time on.

The fusionThe premise is that you collect Z-Fighters so you can level them up and fuse them into super warriors. Along the way, you can circle enemies instead of taking them out to steal their abilities so you can customize your party. MostThe fusionIt really has to be how he brings ambition back into the worldDBZvideo game scene. There are no maps or storytelling with awkward breakpoints - just an original idea that's loads of fun.

8 Angriff der Saiyajins (Kyōshū! Saiyajin)

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (13)

Unlike the aforementioned Famicom RPGs,¡ Kyōshū!Is reallyunbelievable. You can only play Saiyan Saga withdie Killzonereleased as filler but takes the map-based premise and makes it work. Each member of your party has an affinity for a card that makes them stronger when you attack with that card. These maps also allow you to move around the world map, and since the maps are well drawn and accurate this time, real strategy is required in your movements.

One of the best inclusions has to be the tournament mode, which lets you pit characters against each other in an RPG matchup. Chi-Chi even makes her debut as a playable character here. with so much going on¡ Kyōshū!like surprisingly good sprite work and a fantastic soundtrack, there's only one card-based game that tops it.

7 Freeza, the Destroyer of Planets (Gekishin Freeza!!)

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (14)

¡¡Gekishin Freezer!!It's without a doubt the best old schoolDragon Ball ZRPG It doesn't even end the saga, but it does such a good job of getting to the end that it's hard to see it as a failure. The game takes place in an alternate timeline where Piccolo was the only one to die on Namek, so Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu accompany him to Namek. How they should be deaddiewhen defeated in battle.

An expandable party creates a sense of tension that perfectly captures the intensity of the Namek arc. Enemies are also aggressive and actively move around the map next to you. The sprites are better, the music is better, and the challenge is top notch. It is cut just before Goku becomes Super Saiyan, but he fights all four forms of Frieza while Goku helps. no matter how you look at it,¡¡Gekishin Freezer!!it's proof that Bandai wasn't totally crazy about making so many card games.DBZgames.

6 Xenovers 2

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (15)

Xenovers 2It's by no means the best sequel in the world, but it's pretty much polished away everything that was rusted by the time the first ones released.Xenoverso. Especially the RPG elements feel much more refined and right at home. This time it's less a top level arena fighter and more a real MMORPG fighting game. Item drops are better, no more super armor shenanigans, and core mechanics are everywhere.improve. If you never got a chance to play the first one, do yourself a favor and play it.Xenovers 2. And theDragon Ball ZMMO you earned in the first place.

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5 Un Lenda Do Super Saiyajin

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (16)

If you emulated games in the early 2000s, this will probably be the only Japanese title you've ever heard of. It topped the charts as the most downloaded ROM on countless websites and was the first of the international games to receive a fan translation.Super-Saiya Densetsucovered the Saiyan and Frieza sagas of the series and basically served as a remake of the first twoZRole-playing sin Famicom.

What makes it succeed where other card-based RPGs have failed is how the story changes based on what's happening. Nappa will definitely kill Piccolo, but you can take everyone else to Namek. Goku might even get there sooner if you master King Kai's training as soon as possible. If you're feeling adventurous, you don't even need Goku's body to get back to Ginyu. It's creative and has a real level system. What more could you need?

4 Boos Wut

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (17)

grows duringGoku's legacytrilogy was released, it was truly a magical moment. Basically, you got accurate video game adaptations of your favorite show while it was still on the air. Sure the first one was rubbish, but the last one?Boos WutIt was a good game. is slightly worse thanGoku's Legacy IIfor being simple, but it has the best balance between action and RPG elements.

You start as Goku fighting in the Otherworld tournament and play through it until he flies away with Uub at the end of the series. This time you really get to decide where your character's stats go. That means you can turn anyone into a powerhouse, but running around like an overpowered Saiyan is a lot of fun. There's even a system for gear and enemies with real drop rates. One almost wishes Webfoot Technologies would go back and remake the first game just to have a perfect little trilogy.

3 legendary super warriors

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (18)

legendary super warriorshas the notable distinction of being the only RPG in the series to cover thatquitevonDragon Ball ZFrom Von Raditz's introduction to Buu's death, the story follows Gohan and Goku on the ride of a lifetime. And it's card based! But the good kind where you actually build the deck. It also has a surprisingly large cast of playable characters for an RPG, which is a really good thing.

LSWHowever, the claim to fame must be its difficulty. The first few fights can be jarring and put off potential players, but learning the mechanics and winning is very rewarding. Every fight feels like a real fight of life and death. Like the anime! It's basically an RPG where every fight is a boss fight. The next time you feel like playing a Game Boy Color game, why not try a super hard hand?DBZRPG that gives you a complete synopsis of the story?

2 Goku's Legacy II

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (19)

It's truly amazing how Webfoot Technologies failed to create the worst RPG ever.Dragon BallStory of one of the best games in the series.Goku's Legacy IIthis is what happens when a developer takes criticism seriously. All bugs that were present in the first game are now gone. You can play as Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, Goku, and Hercule, each with their own stats and special abilities. Do you seeatUnfolding of the plot point. There's even an aftermath!

Really what doesGoku's Legacy IIA great game is that it really feels like playing the anime. The action is fast, your punches have weight, and your ki really matters. Don't forget to be an RPG. You need time to level up your party; You even get add-on items to boost your stats. Throw in a few side quests and you have one of the best comeback stories in gaming.

1 Saiyan attack

Ranking Dragon Ball Z RPGs From Worst To Best (20)
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it is true perfectDragon Ball ZThe role play exists. No maps, real character building and a story that doesn't end abruptly halfway.Saiyan attackwas the only oneDragon Ball Zgame made byxenobladeDeveloper, Monolith Soft, and isfrom far awayThe best video game in the entire history of the franchise. It could be one of the best Nintendo DS games, period. You have so much room for customization that it puts other RPGs to shame.

Your entire party can be changed during battle, Tien can collect enemies as part of a monster capture side quest, and you have access to ittime triggerstyle combinations. The story is the best video game adaptation the series has ever seen. It covers the entire Saiyan saga word for word with tasteful padding to make the game feel alive. We can only hope that one day Monolith Soft will bring us a sequel to the Frieza saga.


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