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Review of the Best Online Guitar Sites to Learn Worship Songs (1)

When we search for an online guitar lesson plan on online guitar sites, we usually look for a specific genre to move into. These genres are usually divided into country, blues, and rock.

One genre that has grown steadily over the last 25 years is Christian music. Whether it is worship music or pop songs with a positive message, there is a huge audience that wants to know how to play Christian songs.

Pro Lessons offers a variety of lesson plans from dozens of guitar teachers at an affordable price. A large number of our online guitar teachers are professional Christian musicians.

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While we'd love to teach you some of our guitar worship songs, we know how important it is to know all of your options. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the best guitar sites where you can learn worship songs.

1. Worship Tutorials (Guitar Sites)

Guitar sites like Worship Tutorials were originally a YouTube channel intended to provide song tutorials for worship music. Founder Brian Wahl began releasing videos with lessons on how to play band songs as early as 2008.hill songy David Crowder Band.

About three years ago, Brian continued to build his brand by adding a website with a store. The site sells chord charts and pads (background music to accompany the instruments) at a reasonable price. Some of them are even free, although a suggested donation amount is included.

Most of the site's features focus on song tutorials, but there is a free 19-lesson guitar plan for beginners. These classes are usually 10 minutes or less. The lessons also teach important things like understanding rhythms and a variety of basic chords. Plus, there are some quick tips on what types of guitars to look for and other easy-to-answer questions.

Worship Tutorials, as one of the leading guitar worship websites, is a great resource for budding guitarists looking to lead the cult in the near future.

Review of the Best Online Guitar Sites to Learn Worship Songs (2)

2. Love art

Unlike most other guitar tutorial sites, Worship Artistry caters to the whole band when it comes to learning worship songs. Travis Ryan's sample lesson on "We Believe" will show you the various angles they offer for rhythm and lead guitar, as well as the chords and sheet music required for the song. Once they can expand to complete lesson plans for each instrument, this will be a powerful option for all worship leaders.

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Like worship tutorials, Worship Artistry is more of a music tutorial resource than actual guitar lessons. They also offer a 101 hour schedule to get you started, but there isn't much for intermediate or advanced players.

While you can download the beginner lessons and some music tutorials for free, there is an $8 monthly subscription fee ($85 for a yearly subscription). The best part of their subscription plans is that you have the option to include your entire band (up to 25 members) for one easy monthly fee. Some of them are as low as $3/band member.

Worship Artistry is only a few years old, but it is quickly becoming a powerful option for churches or worship leaders.

3. Worship online

Another site that does similar work to Worship Artistry is Worship Online.

These guys are a bit further along in their development, so by offering a similar setup for worship song tutorials, they cover more parts of the band. They have recently added vocals to their alto, soprano, and tenor singing classes. This of course also appeals to the lead vocals.

If you want to learn how to play Hillsong's new anthem on guitar, guitar or bass, no problem. Sounds like no drum lessons yet, but that might be on the way.

Worship Online offers a great catalog of songs to learn, most of which seem to be from Hillsong, Bethel, and other worship-focused Christian artists. Other than music tutorials, there aren't really any guitar lessons. This page is more about preparing your band for Sunday morning.

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The site also offers a full band membership option, allowing up to 35 members to collaborate through a linked account. These plans start at $12 per member and get cheaper with each band member added.

If your worship band gets stuck on something while practicing, you can even open the music tutorials on your phone. This is a very good product for worship leaders and musicians who want to block a large number of worship songs.

4. The worship initiative

The Worship Initiative was started in 2014 by Christian musicians Shane Barnard and Shane Everett of Shane and Shane.

The focus of this program is the development of new worship leaders and timeless Christian hymns from a community of musicians. Of all the options above, Worship Initiative offers the most resources to help a musician/band reach their full potential. That's because this program not only provides the chords and a simple video, but also a tutorial on every instrument in the band (down to the keys and drums), as well as a devotional for each song.

The site also features dozens of guitar, guitar, and bass lessons, as well as a few pedal lessons.

If you're a worship leader or a musician who enjoys creating your own music, the program even gives you the option to submit your own music for review. That might be a little more than you asked for in your mission to play worship music, but it's a nice feature for the site.

Additional features you might be interested in are free backing tracks and mixers that let you learn a song without your band present.

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Monthly plans range from $10 to $100 per month, depending on the number of people in your group, while yearly subscriptions offer a discount of $99 to $999 per year.

5. Academy of Music

The last guitar site on our list is Musicademy, coming from the UK for you.

In 2003 the company started as a simple music school with private lessons for different instruments. From there, they went on to teach worship leaders DVD box sets. Today they took those valuable lessons and made them available for broadcast.

These instructional videos cover all skill levels on acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, keyboards, drums, and even a beginner-friendly audio engineering curriculum.

However, when it comes to learning worship songs, this site is more difficult to navigate if you are looking for a specific song to play. You'll learn some music in your instrument courses, but it won't be easy to find the latest music by Chris Tomlin or Phil Wickham.

The site has lots of great videos for those interested in starting a worship band, but it may not be the best option for anyone looking to learn new music.

Prices vary from individuals to groups. Individual users can subscribe for $30/month, $69/quarter, or $180/year. As with some of these other sites, the number of band members affects how much you're charged as a group.

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That's enough for our review of the best online guitar sites for learning worship songs. We look forward to speaking with you, the consumer, about the many options you have for learning Christian music.

Pro Lessons would be happy to be your favorite guitar site, but we hope you find the plan that works best for you. If you want to know more about us, click on the following link.


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