Romeo and Juliet: Act 2, Scene 2 (2023)

Cena 2

Capulet's orchard.

(Romeo; Juliet; Nurse)

Romeo sternly comments on Mercutio's comments upon hearing that he is leaving. However, he is immediately distracted when he sees a light in a balcony window and sees Juliet coming out into the night. He looks at her admiringly and finds her even more beautiful than the first time. She starts talking to herself and he is surprised to hear that she wishes she wasn't a Montague as that is the only barrier between them. Soon he can't take it anymore and answers her. She is shocked and immediately fears for her life, but lets him stay and they confess their love. Much more practical than him, Juliet cuts all his flowery sentences and moves on to the subject of marriage. The nurse calls Juliet in, but she hesitates several times, not wanting to let Romeo go and always finding new details to ask him. When the sun finally rises, they manage to separate.(202 lines)

Romeo advances.


It mocks the scars that have never felt a wound.

Enter Juliet at the top of her window.

But soft, what light breaks through this window?

It's the east and Juliet is the sun.

Rise, beautiful sun, and kill the envious moon,

Who is already sick and pale with pain

That you, her maid, are far more beautiful than she is.

Don't be her servant, for she is jealous;

Thy vestal livery is sick and green,

And only fools use it; Throw away.

It's my lady, oh it's my love!

What did she know it was!

She talks but says nothing; And?

Your eyes wander, I will answer.

I'm too bold you don't talk to me.

Two of the most beautiful stars in the whole sky,

Do you have something to do, please your eyes

They shine in their spheres until they return.

What if his eyes were there, in his head?

The shine of your face would put these stars to shame

like daylight a lamp; his eyes to the sky

Would it stream so brightly through the windy region?

Let the birds sing and think it wasn't night.

Look how he supports his face in his hand!

Oh if I were a glove on that hand

I can touch that cheek!


Oh I!


She's talking!

Oh, speak again, shining angel, for it is you

As glorious as tonight standing on my head

Like a winged messenger from heaven

To the wonderful big white eyes

Of mortals stepping back to see him

When he rides the lazy swollen clouds

and navigates mid-air.


Ó Romeo, Romeo, afraid is that you Romeo?

Deny your father and forsake your name;

Or, if you don't want to, just swear my love,

And I will no longer be a Capulet.



Should I listen more or should I talk about it?


Only your name is my enemy;

You are yourself even though you are not a Montague.

What is assembly? It's not hand or foot

Neither arm nor face nor any other part

belonging to a man. Oh be another name!

what's in a name what we call rose

In other words, it would smell so sweet;

So Romeo would, if he hadn't called Romeo,

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Keep that dear perfection that must

Without this title. Romeo, take your name

and by your name, which does not belong to you,

take everything yourself


I take the floor

Just call me love and I'll be re-baptized;

From now on, I'll never be Romeo again.


What kind of man are you that you are protected at night

So you stumbled upon my advice?


after a name

I don't know how to tell you who I am.

My name, dear saint, I hate

Because he is your enemy;

If I had written it, it would break the word.


My ears haven't drunk a hundred words yet

But I know the sound from the pronunciation of your language.

Aren't you Romeo and a Montecchio?


Neither, beautiful Virgo, if any of you don't like it.


How did you get here, tell me, and why?

The orchard walls are high and hard to climb,

And the place of death considering who you are

If any of my relatives find you here.


With the light wings of love I walked these walls

'Cause stone borders can't contain love

And what love can, who dares try love;

Therefore, your relatives are not an obstacle for me.


If they see you, they will kill you.


Yes, there is more danger in your eye

What twenty of your swords! look at you but sweet

And I am immune to their enmity.


I wouldn't do anything in the world to be seen here.


I have the cloak of night to hide from your eyes

And if you love me, let her find me here;

My life would have been better ended by your hate

This death reached out and wanted your love.


Under whose guidance did you find this place?


Out of love, this made me ask first;

He gave me advice and I lent him eyes.

I'm not a pilot yet, you were ready

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Like this wide shore washed by the farthest sea,

I would venture on such goods.


You know the mask of the night is on my face

Otherwise a girly blush would stain my cheek

From what you heard me say tonight.

I like to stay in the form, like, like to deny

What did I say, but goodbye praise!

You love me? I know you'll say yes

And I take your word; Still if you swear

You can be proven wrong: in the perjury of lovers

Jupiter should laugh. Oh sweet Romeo

If you love, say it faithfully;

Or if you think I won too fast

I'll frown and be naughty and tell you no

Then you will court, but not the world.

Indeed, beautiful Montague, I like him very much,

And that's why you might think my behavior is easy

But believe me gentleman, I'll prove it's truer.

Than those who are more afraid of being clumsy.

I should have been a stranger I must confess

But you heard that before I knew

My true love in love; so forgive me

and do not attribute this devotion to the light of love,

That discovered the dark night.


Lady by this blessed moon I swear

Who adorns all these fruit-tree tops with silver,


Oh, don't swear by the moon, the fickle moon

What monthly changes in your orb circle,

So that your love is not immediately variable.


What do I have to swear?


Don't swear at all;

Or, if you wish, swear by your mercy

What is the god of my idolatry,

And I will believe you


When the love of my heart -


Well, don't swear. Although I'm happy for you

I have no joy in this contract tonight

It's too hasty, too inadvisable, too sudden,

Like a flash it ceases to be

Before you can say it's lit. honey, good night!

This bud of love, through the ripe breath of summer,

It can be a nice flow next time we meet.

Good night! Good night! like sweet calm and rest

Come to your heart as to my chest!


Oh, you wanna leave me so unsatisfied?


What satisfaction can you have tonight?


The exchange of the faithful vow of your love to mine.

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I gave you mine before you asked me;

And yet I wish there would be again.


Would you like to remove it? For what purpose, dear?


But to be honest and give it one more time

And yet I only want what I have.

My generosity is as boundless as the sea,

My love so deep; the more i give you

The more I have as both are infinite.

The nurse calls in.

I hear a noise inside; Dear, goodbye!

Anon, good nurse! Sweet Montague, be honest.

Stay a while, I'll be back.

go upstairs.


O blessed, blessed night! I'm afraid,

At night it's all just a dream

Too sweet to be substantial.

Enter Julia.


Three words, dear Romeo, and good night.

If this loving affection of yours is honorable,

Your purpose marriage, write me tomorrow,

I can come to you for someone

Where and at what time will you perform the rite,

And I lay all my wealth at your feet

And follow you, my Lord, through the whole world.





I am coming soon. - But if you don't have good intentions,

I ask you-





Little by little I come—

To end your struggle and leave me with my pain.

I'll send tomorrow.


This is how my soul thrives—


Good night a thousand times!

go upstairs.


A thousand times worse to long for your light.

Love goes to love like the students of his books,

But dear love, with heavy looks at school.

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Juliet comes back upstairs.


Hist, Romeo, hist! Yes, in a falconer's voice,

To curl back that soft tassel!

bondage is hoarse and cannot speak loudly,

Otherwise I would destroy the cave where Echo lies,

and make your air tongue hoarse than mine,

With the repetition of my Romeo's name. Romeo!


It's my soul calling my name.

How sweet and silver do lovers' tongues ring in the night,

Like the sweetest music to the attentive ear!






What time tomorrow

Do you want me to send for you?


At nine o'clock.


I won't fail, it's twenty years from now.

I forgot why I called you back.


Let me stay here until you remember.


I'll forget you're still standing there

Remind me how I love your company.


And I'm staying anyway, so you'll forget

Forget every other home but this one.


It's almost morning, I want you to go...

And yet no further than a wild bird,

That makes you jump out of hand a bit

like a poor prisoner in his twisted curves,

and pulls it back with a silk thread,

So loving and jealous of her freedom.


i wanna be your bird


cute me too

However, I should kill you with a lot of love.

Good night! Good night! The division is so sweet and sour,

That until tomorrow I'll say good night.

Sleep lives in your eyes, peace in your breast!

go upstairs.


I wish it was sleep and peace, rest so sweet!

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From there I go to the cell next to my ghostly father,

To wish your help, and to count my dear happiness.



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