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Camping in South Carolina

Discover southern charm on a camping tripHilton Head-EilandOr the Nantahala Wilderness.

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99 %(39) Wild Heart Refuge 5 sites RV, Tent 30 acres Lockhart, SC Immerse yourself in nature on this tranquil 30 acre property featuring rolling pastures, mature hardwood woods, woods, views, a painted log barn and a beautiful pond. Wake up to birdsong and fall asleep to crickets and frogs. Hike on our forest trails or relax at your private campsite. We can certainly recommend many things to do in the area, but don't think you'll want to leave the area! Our campsites are spacious and spacious so you can enjoy a spacious camping experience. We have a fully heated ventilated bathroom with his and her toilets and hot water showers (on request). Our rustic clubhouse features a full kitchen (small cleaning fee) and a large covered lanai with beautiful views of the grounds. We offer Cornhole, Jumbo Jenga and other games and puzzles. We manage the property in a way that balances our ecological and wildlife goals with the comfort of the motorhome. We take turns mowing the lawn and take care of mowing an area for you on all pre-booked days, one week at a time. We also mow sidewalks around and through the grass. This isn't a lawn or city park, though — the land is mowed to 3.75 inches and is home to fire ants and other critters. For your comfort, we generally recommend wearing closed-toe shoes and socks and being careful when walking at night or when someone has difficulty walking on uneven ground. We also offer camper specials for fresh farm eggs, yoga and meditation classes at our studio! From $25/night88%(8) Full Circle Sanctuary4 Locations Lodging, RV, Tent 2 Acres Long Creek, SCSItes is located on property of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping our neighbors through opportunity . The property was originally an old gas station which we reclaimed and is a home for you and me for everyone from birds and butterflies to chickens and cows. Our landscape has slowly expanded and we are working hard to create an edible paradise and sustainable oasis. Job swap possible 💕 Follow #thefullcirclesanctuary #longcreekbackwoods for more photos! ! Instagram @longcreekbackwoods @mamaheartsdanger #longcreekbackwoodsbus From $10 a night100%(74) Big Creek RV Park by Saluda SC12 RV sites, Tents5 acres Saluda, SC Big Creek RV Park by Saluda SC is a private property for campers, transients, and outdoor enthusiasts looking for peace and relaxation. Provides short-term accommodation and entertainment. The outskirts are old farmland that is now being repurposed for outdoor activities. The RV park is part of an old farmhouse complex nestled in the pine trees on the edge of Big Creek/Lake Murray. From $20 per night95%(102)3 Creeks Camp and NaturPreserve12 Locations · Lodging, RV, Tents 10 Acres · Anderson, SC This property was purchased by my grandfather in the 1970's and passed down to my mother. In 2013 I decided to live a different life, build buildings from scratch with natural materials and find materials. I was fortunate that the land was bequeathed to me at that time and I started building a house for myself not far from my mother's house. After going through the basics, I came to the conclusion that the best use of this beautiful land would be to create a place for people to relax and enjoy, a park-like environment designed to preserve the natural beauty and upgrade them through a permaculture lifestyle. After 8 years I'm amazed how much my dream has come true and I love to share my space with people from all over the country. From $22 per night100%(24) Laurel Oaks Estate4 locations · Lodging 25 acres · Conway, SC We are 20 miles from Myrtle Beach and a short drive from beautiful downtown Conway, SC. There you will find shops, great restaurants and the Riverwalk. Next to the tent there is a fire pit, hammocks, a cornhole, picnic tables and gas grills. Take a hike on one of our many trails leading to the National Wildlife Refuge. Enjoy fishing and paddle boats, John boats and kayaks in your campground pond. From $90/night99% (290) Heirloom Hamlet 5 locations RV, Tent 2 Acres Richland, SC What is life but the people and things we influence here? Isn't that what we have, isn't that our only true heritage? Wouldn't we choose to have future conversations where our name is mentioned, good conversations if we could? Ani, Fitch and I, typical everyday misfits, conduct an experiment. We're trying to figure out if a family with very few means can create a life we ​​don't need, a vacation with our own hands and a good plan. did we make it? You are the judge. We left our creative furniture business in South Florida about four years ago to pursue this new goal. We wanted to create an inspiring experience for simple, eco-friendly living, while finding harmony between the modern world and the many old-fashioned habits we miss. I believe it was Shakespeare who said, "Be true to yourself." With that in mind, we also know we need to be stylish. At Heirloom Hamlet you will see how we build cabins, install solar panels, build dry toilets and compost. We are active in the fields of wood milling, carpentry, clay molding and metal stamping. Ani and I both firmly believe in dealing with our environment as consciously and respectfully as possible... but also in balance. That's why we included alternative energies and public utilities as they fit the design of our house. Our goal is to show with good design what a "normal" biocompatible little life could look like if done right. We all have priorities and of course they differ enormously... and we're okay with that. But no one should be so self-absorbed that we completely ignore the importance of being kind to the planet and therefore to our fellow human beings and even their children and grandchildren. In the interest of complete transparency, our creatives also wanted to inspire viewers to see their own spaces differently. Personally, we find it very satisfying to try to separate the real wants and needs in our lives from the perceived needs, and then work hard to make those wants come true, literally and physically. It's a real challenge to tune out the noise of the modern world and define how we really want our lives to be, not how we've been taught it to be. Even if we are among those who can, we still need to have the courage to make the changes necessary to live this life. Heirloom Hamlet is our way of life. Ani and I feel like the word "happiness" we hear all the time has become such a buzzword that it's overused. We thought that maybe more of us would feel more fulfilled if we pursued the "quest for fulfillment" rather than the mystical "pursuit of happiness." Being satisfied with the results of our hard work and determination is an art form. It makes you feel in control of your life instead of aimlessly trying to cling to something unattainable and abstract. This is our personal conclusion and what we focused on developing this place. At least after our visit, we hope our guests don't expect to find an opportunity to work here and that they can appreciate some of our old-fashioned methods. We hope that when our paths cross, we won't be stuck with the corporate norms we've worked so hard to break. We recognize that everyone has the right to be themselves, but our presentation at the Heirloom Hamlet is deliberately designed as a place to relax in our unique retreat. From $30/night92% (6) King Creek Campground 160 campsites · RV, tent 350 acres · Fairfax, South Carolina King Creek Campground is located in the woods outside of Fairfax, South Carolina and extends over 350 acres. Ideal place for a quiet getaway. Here you can enjoy miles of trails ideal for biking, hiking and horseback riding, while admiring the seasonal flora and fauna. Those who enjoy boating, fishing, paddling, rafting or swimming will appreciate the easy access to the Savannah River via Cohen's Bluff Landing just three miles from the campground. King Creek Campground has something for every type of camper. Our spacious 60 x 90 foot campsite has water and electricity hookups and is perfect for an RV or tent. Horse owners love our riding camps with stables nearby. Long-term rates at King Creek campgrounds are particularly attractive to out-of-town retirees, vacationers, and hunters. Hunters love our Hunt Camp package, which combines long-term pricing with the benefits of our skinning/cleaning stations and walk-in coolers. From $40/night96% (81) EDENHOPE FARMS6 Locations Shelter, RV, Tents 2 Acres Beaufort, SCEdenhope Farms is a 2 acre sanctuary for rescued and unique animals. We have a zebu, the oldest cow in history, whose history goes back to the Bible. We have goats and peacocks, chickens, pot-bellied pigs, rescued squirrels and rescued ducks. Coming soon... Sheep! ! ! My property used to be a landfill for the Coca-Cola bottling plant. Go on a treasure hunt and find old bottles. Relax by the fire pit and listen to the hooting of owls, geese, bullfrogs and quacks. Relax on the spacious deck overlooking all the farm animals or take a dip in the pool. Grill or grill oysters in the evening. We have indoor toilets and outdoor showers for you to use. Take a walk in the woods, do yoga, visit Hunting Island Beach 10 miles away or drive 3 miles to historic downtown Beaufort. We are also close to Parris Island and many other historic sites. Here you can enjoy historical tours of Beaufort County's earliest St. Helena colonies in the mid-18th century, Revolutionary War, antebellum Civil War, and plantation eras, as well as a reconstructed antebellum history after Martin Luther King Jr. PhD visits the Civil Rights Movement at Historic Penn Center. Lowcountry is great for water sports, kayaking, boating, jet skiing, sailing, hiking and canoeing. At any time of the year there is an opportunity to fish, crab, shrimp or oyster hunt in the local waters. Our area is popular with cycling groups and the long, flat, rural and scenic roads offer pleasant rides for cyclists of all skill levels. There are bicycle lanes on many main roads. Other recreational activities in our area include geocaching, horseback riding, tennis, golf, hiking, beach volleyball, beach maintenance and bird watching. There are special events throughout the year: Gullah Festival - May, Water Festival - July, Shrimp Festival - October, Beaufort Food Truck Festival - October, Soft Shell Crab Festival - April, Pat Conroy Festival - November, Heritage Days Festival - November, City night - December. There is something for everybody. Come visit! From $70/night100% (5) Mike's Country Home and Land 11 locations · Lodging 50 acres · Rock Hill, SC Sit, kick off your shoes, and take deep breaths as you read this - slowly. Creekside is a very special place where you and those you care about can switch off and gently “be together”. My wife Beth and I fell in love with owning this property because it uniquely takes us out of our busy lives and into a meaningful space where our senses, each other and we care about people make connections. We hope that you can experience this during your visit. In my work as a leadership consultant and executive coach, I have had the opportunity to identify some best practices for meaningful life experiences. If you'd like to try them out when you visit, I'll provide them for you below. I guarantee they will have a major impact on the time you spend here - and the time you leave here: Being and Doing. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and do nothing. Experience and record Sometimes you don't have to record an experience, you just have to live it. Quality and Quantity Sometimes the quality of life is more satisfying than the quantity of life. Maybe less is more. Feeling and Thinking Thinking is sometimes overrated. Sitting quietly and feeling what lies ahead can open our eyes. Silence and noise sometimes mean nothing. Turning off phones and devices and listening to the sounds of nature can wake us up and resensitize us even more. Below you will find information about this special place. It contains invitations, wishes and details of how the court works. We invite you...1. Use your time here to nourish yourself, mind and body. Walk, breathe, smell, touch, see and taste whatever you want. 2. Put away your phones and devices and be with the people you are here for. 3. When you get home, take off your shoes and feel the ground beneath your feet. 4. Get outside as much as possible. There is kindness there. Walk wherever you want, it borders the creek.5. Eat slow, talk slow, walk slow and just hang out. From $105/night

Rich in southern heritage and hospitality, South Carolina has a beauty that matches its personality. Golden beaches and sandy barrier islands line the Atlantic coast, the forested peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains tower to the north, and lush swamps surround the lowlands. Outdoor adventurers can explore South Carolina's seven national parks and 47 state parks year-round, and camping options abound, whether you choose a drive-through, hiking, boating, horseback riding, or cabin camp. Palmetto State has a comfortable average summer temperature of 90°F. However, if you're camping on the coast, it's best to avoid fall hurricane season.


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The Peedee River runs from the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina to Georgetown on the Atlantic Seaboard. This northeastern part of South Carolina is known for its great beaches, whether you're camping at the popular Myrtle Beach Resort, bird watching at Huntington Beach State Park, or playing golf at one of the many golf courses along the coast.



Bordered by the Savannah River and the Atlantic Seaboard, the Southwest Lowlands is an idyllic land of swamps, barrier islands and seaside towns. Hunting Island State Park is the state's most visited park and a haven for bird watchers and campers. There are RV sites on the beaches of Hilton Head Island. The palm-fringed beaches of Edisto Beach State Park are popular with summer campers, while James Island County Park outside of Charleston is a great spot for crabbing.


The state capital of Columbia dominates the rolling hills of South Carolina's Midlands and all of the region's highlights are within easy reach. There are family campgrounds on the shores of nearby Lake Murray, Centennial State Park has a forest campground and boating lake, and part of the 500-mile Palmetto Trail runs through Poinsett State Park. Nearby Congaree National Park offers hiking and kayaking trails, two campgrounds, and backcountry campgrounds.

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The Blue Ridge Mountains flow along the North Carolina border, while South Carolina's northern mountains are a natural playground of forested valleys, lakes and waterfalls. Greenville is the jumping-off point for exploring the north, from where you can hike to the 3,533-foot summit of Sassafras Mountain, the state's tallest mountain. camping in the mountains of Table Rock State Park; or explore the multipurpose trails of Paris Mountain Municipal Park. For backcountry camping, there's no better place than the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, which connects Jones Gap to Caesars Point State Park.

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How many campsites are at Ocean Lakes campground? ›

Ocean Lakes Family Campground has 859 user-friendly campsites. They are large, pull-through sites along paved roads. We can accommodate the latest and largest luxury RVs, including the sprawling awnings and numerous slideouts. Most campsites can accommodate up to a 40′ camper and two vehicles with room to spare!

How do I find the perfect campsite? ›

Beginner's Guide: How to Select a Good Campsite
  1. Look for Level Ground. ...
  2. Check Your Campsite's Drainage. ...
  3. Choose Your Door Orientation. ...
  4. Make the Most of Sun and Shade. ...
  5. Check Your Proximity High Traffic Areas. ...
  6. Fun things For Kids to Do at the Campsite. ...
  7. Check for Unhealthy Trees. ...
  8. Watch for Sharp Objects.

How much does it cost to camp at a state park in South Carolina? ›

Rates: Standard sites are $14/night. Full hookup sites are $17/night.

How many campgrounds are in South Carolina? ›

The South Carolina state parks offer some of the best camping opportunities in the state, with over 3,000 campsites statewide.


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