The 5 Cheapest Carnival Cruise Deals for 2021 (2023)

There's enough enthusiasm for cruising to last a lifetime, but there's no question people want to get back on the boat after the health crisis.

The 5 Cheapest Carnival Cruise Deals for 2021 (1)

And once they're allowed to sail again and the right health protocols are in place, cruise lines will be ready to welcome passengers with open arms.

Do you want to sail again? The good news is that it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

As we've already posted, the cheapest cruises for 2021 are $159 per person for an interior before taxes and port fees. That means a pair can sail for less than $500.

Given the turmoil cruises have experienced, it's hard to say if there will be lower prices in the future. For one thing, lower demand can lead to lower prices. On the other hand, if cruise ships have to reduce their capacities for safe navigation (as some have said they will), so lower supply could mean higher prices.

The good news? Even if prices fluctuate a bit, you still don't have to pay a lot to set sail in 2021.

Below we've highlighted the top five absolute cheapest Carnival cruises for 2021 departing from North America. Please note that prices may vary.

The 5 Cheapest Carnival Cruise Deals for 2021 (2)

3-Day Bahamas Cruise from Miami

  • Date: Multiple; January 8th to February 5th
  • Barco: Carnival Conquest
  • Ports: Nassau
  • Starting Price: $159 per person

Want to find a cheap carnival cruise? As you'll see, it's important to keep it short, travel off-peak and stick to the oldest ships. This navigation ticks all three boxes. The three-day cruise departs from Miami aboard the Carnival Conquest for a short trip to Nassau. He is also on the Carnival Conquest, one of the oldest ships in the fleet, launched in 2002.

As for the cruise, you'll have a day at sea to relax in the pool and work on your tan before arriving in the Bahamas. Then it's a day in Nassau before heading back to Miami. It's definitely a getaway, but if you just need to get away it's perfect and won't break the bank.

We've found several winter 2021 departures, including January and February dates, for just $159 per person.Click here for more information about this cruise..

4-Day Mexico Cruise from Los Angeles (Long Beach)

  • Date: Multiple; January 3rd to February 7th
  • Barco: Carnival Fantasy
  • Haven: Catalina, Ensenada
  • Starting Price: $159 per person

While $159 is the lowest price we've found in our search for a US carnival cruise, this trip really is the best deal. That's because it's a four-day trip, compared to three days for many of the others on our list. This trip has multiple dates in early 2021 and costs $159 per person. That comes to just $40 a day.

The cruise takes place on the Carnival Imagination (an old ship). Sail from the Port of Long Beach to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico before enjoying a day at sea before heading home. One nice thing is that this trip offers the option of departing from the west coast instead of sailing from Miami.Click here for more information about this cruise..

3-Day Mexico Cruise from Los Angeles (Long Beach)

  • Date: Multiple; January 7th to February 4th
  • Barco: Carnival Fantasy
  • Ports: Bay
  • Starting Price: $159 per person

If you can't swing four days, then this trip is very similar to the previous one but one day less. He's even aboard the same ship: Carnival Imagination.

(Video) 9 Dirt-Cheap Cruise 'Secrets' to Sail for Less $$$

This cruise departs from Long Beach, with a day at sea as it sails along the west coast of Mexico. You'll then have a full day in Ensenada (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM) before boarding the plane for your flight back to California.

Even with a day less, the price per day is just over $50 per day. It's a great price for a chance to get out of town for a few days and spend some time at sea.Click here for more information about this cruise..

The 5 Cheapest Carnival Cruise Deals for 2021 (3)

4-Day Mexico Cruise from Los Angeles (Long Beach)

  • Date: Multiple; January 4th to February 8th
  • Boot: Karnevalsinspiration
  • Haven: Catalina, Ensenada
  • Starting Price: $159 per person

As you can see, Carnival's cheapest rides are dominated by a number of different routes aboard different ships that depart from Long Beach.

This itinerary costs $159 and is the same as the previous four-day trip with stops in Catalina and Ensenada. The difference is that this cruise takes place aboard Carnival Inspiration, a sister ship to Carnival Imagination. (The two ships were built just a year apart.)

Because the ships are similar, if you can't keep your Imagination sailing schedule, you have plenty of other options for finding a cruise that fits your schedule.Click here for more information about this cruise..

3-Day Mexico Cruise from Los Angeles (Long Beach)

  • Date: January 8th, January 29th
  • Boot: Karnevalsinspiration
  • Ports: Bay
  • Starting Price: $159 per person

Another three-day cruise departing from Long Beach, this voyage features two dates: January 8th and 29th. They sail from California to Ensenada, Mexico for just $159. Also, you will have a day at sea to enjoy the ship.

Perhaps the best thing about this cruise is that it departs on Friday afternoon and returns on Monday. If you're in the Los Angeles area, all you have to do is take a morning off. This is ideal for people with a busy schedule or a limited number of days off.Click here for more information about this cruise..

Monitoring:The cruises above are the cheapest we found at Carnival 2021. But there are still plenty of cheap trips at rock-bottom prices. Increase your budget a bit and you'll find plenty more options departing from ports across the country.

This is how you can find more offers in the carnival

While we've listed the absolute cheapest cruises we could find, it's understandable that these trips may not be exactly what you're looking for. You may want to take a longer cruise or depart from a different port.

Fortunately, there are many other offers. If you want to find the best prices, follow a few simple rules...

Cruise Times:When you sail, it makes a difference in the price of the cruise. As a rule of thumb, choosing a cruise during the off-season will lower your fare. If your schedule allows, cruise during the school year when fewer people are free to travel (as a bonus, your cruise will run smoother when there are fewer children on board).

As you can see, many of the above trips take place in January or February. This is right after the kids have returned to school for the holidays, meaning families are less likely to book this type of cruise. Other accessible seasons for sailing are April to May and the autumn months.

Choose an older ship:If you don't want to sail on a cruise line's newest ship with all the latest bells and whistles, choose a voyage aboard an older ship. The fares on these ships are usually significantly lower.

With new boats there is usually more demand and interest, which means higher prices. Don't be afraid of the older ships. They are regularly updated with many of the features found on newer ships, including favorite restaurants and services. No, they're not exactly like a new ship, but they still offer a lot to like.

(Video) 5 Cruises for the Budget Conscious

Internal Cabin:The prices mentioned in this article are all for inside cabins. This is because these rooms offer the cheapest price to board the ship. Of course, not everyone likes inside cabins, but the surcharge for a balcony cabin can be expensive.

If you're the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time in the cabin in your own space, a porch might be worth your time. But if you're the type to go out during your cruise, chances are you'll only be using the cabin to sleep and change. In this case, you can take the exact same trip as someone in a balcony stateroom, but for hundreds less.

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