The Complete Guide to Google Voice Conference Calling (2023)

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Google Voice is an affordable way for growing businesses to conduct conference calls. But, what is the importance of teleconferences today? And how can you improve your conference calls? We're going to get into that and everything you need to know below.

Why are Google Voice conference calls so important?

Conference calling is just a fancy term for group calls that anyone can join using a regular phone or internet connection. Once you're on the phone, anyone can talk at any time while everyone else listens to the call.

It's now pretty obvious why the ability to do this can be such a valuable asset to businesses. This makes it easy for teams to communicate, even when team members are not in the same physical location.

Conference calls via Google Voice have always been a lifeline for our team in the past when it came time to hold our regular meetings with remote team members. Google Voice greatly simplifies the process as it is a tool that everyone already has access to.

You just need to make sure that everyone has an internet connection and a device to connect to, be it a laptop, smartphone or desktop. From there it is about transmitting the time and date of the call. We will expand on all of this and more below.

Quick Tips to Improve Google Voice Conference Calls Today

The Complete Guide to Google Voice Conference Calling (1)

Google Voice makes it very easy to stay connected without shelling out for tons of fancy software. While Google Voice isn't primarily conference calling software, here's what you can do to make the process easier.

Make sure everyone has a Google Voice account

The last thing you want is to set up a conference call that no one can join when the time comes. Once you've decided you want Google Voice to be your conference calling tool, make sure you and your team members are signed in and ready to go.

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Because? Because it takes just a few steps to set everything up (even if you already have a Gmail account).

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To open a personal Google Voice account:

  2. Select on the home screenpersonal use only.
  3. If you choose Personal, you'll see a few options when you click on them. You can choose the language for Android, iOS or Web.
  4. To defeatKeep going, search for an available number by city or area, and select your preferred number from the drop-down menu options.
  5. CliqueReview. You will then be asked to enter your existing phone number. This way, all calls made from your new Google Voice number will be forwarded to your current number.
  6. Complete the verification process by entering the code sent to your phone number.
  7. CliqueFin,And you are ready!

To open a Google Voice business account:

The Complete Guide to Google Voice Conference Calling (3)
  2. Select on the home screenfor business.
  3. After clicking on it, you will be asked to sign in with your Google/Gmail email address.
  4. Choose the right price level for your company. Please note that the lowest price level of $10 per month is limited to 10 users.

In short, taking the time to set up your proper Google Voice account can help you (and your team) be better prepared for conference call time.

It also helps to test your tools ahead of time to make sure everything is hooked up correctly. Make a test call with a colleague and check that the microphone is working, that you know where the mute button is, how to start and end a call, and that there are no echoes or extraneous interference.

Make sure everyone is on the same page.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your conference calls run smoothly is to make sure everyone has the information they need to join when the time comes.

The beauty of this is that you don't have to be fancy. You can simply send a broadcast email or even a text message to let everyone who needs to attend your call know that you're hosting a conference call with Google Voice. However, be sure to include the Google Voice number to call and the date and time.

To do this, you first need a Google Voice account. It's up to you to sign up for a Google Voice personal or work account. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and your decision largely depends on the size of your team.

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A smaller team could probably get away with a personal Google account. However, a larger team may need to sign up for a business account to gain access to additional tools.

Once you're signed in to Google Voice, here's what's involved:

  1. Start your voice call with the first person to call
  2. Wait for an incoming call notification and accept it by pressing 5
  3. Repeat step two until everyone joins the call

Integrate conference call policies

Conference Calling Best Practices, while the term may sound tense and stifling, it actually goes a long way in ensuring your conference calls run smoothly. These can be general guidelines such as:

  • Ask everyone to introduce themselves at the beginning (especially if you are a large group or with new people).
  • Use the mute button (if possible) when someone else is speaking to avoid interruptions, extra noise, and distractions.
  • Let everyone know at the beginning of the meeting if the conference call will be recorded.
  • Let everyone know what the conference call agenda is and if there are any rules of thumb to follow during the interaction.
  • Make it clear who is hosting the conference call to avoid confusion.
  • Send a post-conference summary (if helpful) to both attendees and those unable to attend to reiterate key points. You can also attach the recording of the call and any slides or reference materials to this follow-up email.

Conference calls seem like a pretty simple thing. But as your calls with more team members increase, you need to take a more methodical approach to conference calls.

Try some of the conference calling tips above and see how seamless your conference calls get.

record your calls

Google Voice makes it easy to record your calls for future reference. This can be useful when you are on a call with valuable information or feedback that you need to refer to.

To record your Google Voice calls:

  1. Sign in to your Google Voice account.
  2. click notgear iconto open the settings.
  3. then clickcalls.
  4. Activate the option of incoming calls.
  5. When you're on the phone and everyone joins in, press number 4 to start recording. Each caller receives an announcement that you have started recording.
  6. If you want to stop recording, press number 4 again.

You can find the recording of the call in the Voicemail tab for future reference.

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Prepare your questions and set a time limit

You can easily avoid ruining your conference call by taking the time to prepare a few questions before you begin. The general trend here, whether you're hosting a conference call, video conference, or a combination of both, is to give yourself plenty of time to prepare before the actual call takes place.

This ensures that you don't waste time, get straight to the point, and have fruitful conversations.

Setting a deadline beforehand can also help. Knowing that there is a time constraint can help streamline the meeting process. A conference call without a clear end time results in a less focused meeting that lasts longer than necessary.

Since not everyone follows the same schedule, setting a default closing time will help you keep conference calls short without becoming a heavy to-do list for team members.

Long-term strategies to improve Google Voice conference calls

These tips will work for you whether or not you use Google Voice as your preferred conference calling tool.

Try Google Duo for video conferencing

you know aboutgoogle duo? It is part of the Google Workspace family and can be a useful alternative for conferences. This allows you to start video conferences with up to 32 people quickly and for free. The video quality is excellent and you can use tablets, iPhones, Android phones, computers and smart monitors to make your video calls. On smartphones, users can download the Google Duo app or access it through the browser.

Duo also uses end-to-end encryption, so your video calls stay private and only visible to the participants on the call. Once connected, you can easily leave voice and video messages, as well as written notes.

To try Duo, you need to sign in with one of your Google accounts. Best of all, it's free and has a 25-hour call time. Your conference calls probably won't last that long, making Google Duo a viable video conferencing option for almost any small team.

(Video) iPECS One Chrome Conference Call guide

Google Hangouts as another option for video calls

Instead of making a voice call, it will be easier for your team to make a conference call.Hangouts the Google. It easily integrates with Google Voice and is part of the Google Workspace suite of tools.

Getting started is as easy as:

  1. open the app from your existing Gmail account.
  2. From there, clicknew conversationand thenadd group.
  3. Cliquevideo call.
  4. then clickOf youso that the team members you added to the group get a link to join the call.
  5. Wait for everyone to connect to start your video conference.

Video conferencing can be a great way to host a call where everyone can see each other's body language while capturing inferences and voice inflections. As you probably know, this helps make the communication process smoother than just waiting for a call where all you hear are voices.

However, there are conference calling tools that can help you create world-class conference calls that go beyond the basics. We'll get to that next.

Take conference calls beyond Google Voice

If you've made it this far, you already know that Google Voice is a great option for smaller conference calls because it's affordable and cheap. However, you may reach a point where you outgrow the limited tools that Google Voice offers for conference calling.

The larger and more frequent your conference calls are, the more likely it is that you need access to more specific tools designed specifically for a smoother conference call experience.

Fortunately, we've done most of the legwork for you in this department. If you've used Google Voice but are looking for other reliable alternatives at different price points, here's a quick rundown of our guide tobest conference call service:

  • RingCentral– The best conference call service for most
  • Go to the meeting- Best for keeping your remote team together
  • grasshopper– The best mobile virtual telephony system
  • Click on Meeting– Best for webinars and conference calls
  • extension– Best suited for hosting video conference calls
  • big conference– Best for instant conference calls
  •– The best free conference call service

Next steps

If you've come this far, you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to set up a Google Voice conference call and put it to work for you and your team. For small businesses looking for a cheap way to make group calls, this is one of the best options available.

(Video) Tutorial - Launching an audio conference call from a Hangouts Chat bot command

However, it takes more than just getting one puzzle piece right to turn it all into an operational commercial success. To help you out, we've also written guides on how to create your own.project management system, so that your team is better equipped to tackle and execute your projects.

If you're about to build a brand, here's everything you need to knowBuilding a memorable brandThis takes a while. we even found themThe best VoIP conference phonesif you want to upgrade to one and take your conference call to the next level.


How to do a conference call using Google Voice? ›

To start a three-way call:
  1. From your phone, dial the first number. When the call is answered, press the Flash button on your phone to place the caller on hold.
  2. Wait for a dial tone, and then dial the second number. When the second call is answered, press the Flash button on your phone again to connect all three callers.

Does Google have free conference calling? ›

Anyone with a Google Account can create a video meeting, invite up to 100 participants, and meet for up to 60 minutes per meeting at no cost.

Can I make a three way call on Google Voice? ›

A conference call is an audio or video call involving multiple participants. You can hold and attend conference calls on Google Voice. People can join the meeting by dialing a number, which will connect them to a conference bridge.

How do you do 3 way calling? ›

To start a 3-way call on most smartphones:
  1. Call the first phone number and wait for the person to answer.
  2. Tap Add call.
  3. Call the second person. Note: The original call will be put on hold.
  4. Tap Merge to begin your 3-way call.

Is free Google Voice going away? ›

In 2023, Google Voice is phasing out its free personal plan.

Is Google Voice unlimited calling? ›

If you are wondering how Google Voice works Internationally, note that It's free for personal use, with unlimited texts and calls to any phone number in Canada or the US, as well as low-cost international calling.

Does free conference call have a time limit? ›

Each conference call can last up to six hours with an unlimited number of calls allowed.

Can multiple people use the same number on Google Voice? ›

Getting more than one number on a free Google Voice account isn't possible. Google Voice limits each user to a single phone number.

Does Google Voice allow multiple numbers? ›

As a general rule, your Google Voice account can have only one number associated with it. If you already have a Google Voice number, you can transfer it to your Google Fiber Phone number, or choose a new Google Fiber Phone number, which replaces your Google Voice number.

Can Google Voice ring multiple phones? ›

Google Voice (available for Android and iOS) offers a free phone number that rings multiple phones simultaneously, along with a package of other features, including voicemail, voice-to-text transcription, call recording, conferencing, special call-handling rules for both individual and groups of contacts, and visual ...

Can you tell if someone calls you on 3 way? ›

Check the Caller ID

If you see more than one number on the caller ID, then you are most likely on a three-way call.

Is 3 Way calling the same as conference call? ›

A three-way call, or conference call, is when three or more people are in a phone conversation simultaneously.

How many calls can be connected in a conference call? ›

Conference calling on Android supports up to five callers at once.

Can I do a group call with Google Voice? ›

You can set up ring groups to let people in your organization answer calls from the same Google Voice number. Members take turns answering calls using ring groups, also called hunt groups.

Can we do group call in Google Voice? ›

Google Voice is not primarily a conferencing service. Still, it's a beneficial way to use your phone number on all of your devices. Use it as a simple and easy way to make a group phone call. A group conference call with Google Voice is limited to 10 people on the call at once (or 25 with a paid account).

Can Google Voice call multiple numbers? ›

Google Voice limits each user to a single phone number. There are two workarounds you can use to access multiple numbers through the Google Voice app, but both options come with some drawbacks.

How do I activate conference call? ›

How do I make a conference call on an Android phone?
  1. Call the first person for your conference.
  2. Tap the “add call” button.
  3. Add more guests.
  4. Tap the “merge” button.
  5. Repeat the above steps to add more callers.
Feb 2, 2022

How many people can be in a group chat Google Voice? ›

Usually, Google Voice allows you to send texts to only five recipients. If you use Google Voice to send bulk messages to customers, it will be marked as spam and your number will be blocked.

How do you do a 4 way call on Google Voice? ›

To add people to the call, simply press '5' when they call on the number. To turn the recording on/off, press the '4' button. Google Voice allows up to 10 people to join in on a conference call with its free account.

How many Google Voice numbers can one person have? ›

As a general rule, your Google Voice account can have only one number associated with it. If you already have a Google Voice number, you can transfer it to your Google Fiber Phone number, or choose a new Google Fiber Phone number, which replaces your Google Voice number.

Is there a monthly fee for Google Voice? ›

Google Voice offers three plans: Starter, Standard, and Premier. The Starter costs $10 per user per month with a limit of 10 users; the Standard costs $20 per user per month with unlimited users; and the Premier costs $30 per user per month with unlimited users.

Why am I not able to do conference call? ›

Participants unable to connect to the call

It's very common for conference call attendees to have trouble connecting. This can be the result of a poor internet connection, the wrong dial-in number or access code, or a software issue, such as a required update.

Why am I not able to merge calls? ›

You can only merge calls when your phone's native phone app supports merging calls, and you select Use carrier only for your incoming calls, and have them forwarded to your linked phone number.

What are the rules of conference call? ›

Here are seven conference call etiquette essentials to apply:
  • Sort Out All Technical Logistics Way Ahead of Time. ...
  • Have a Clear Agenda. ...
  • Value a Participant's Time. ...
  • Introduce Yourself and All Participants. ...
  • Give Participants Time for Questions and Feedback. ...
  • Eliminate All Distractions. ...
  • Project Your Voice Loudly and Clearly.
Sep 14, 2021


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