The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (2023)

Black Obsidian is a powerhouse of a stone. If you have a collection of crystals, add at least one piece (preferably more) and you'll quickly see why you need it. Theobsidian healing propertiesthey are addressed to your entire being: mind, body and soul. It would be difficult to find another stone capable of eliminating negativity or helping you to deal with past traumas and conflicts.

There are several ways in which the health benefits of black obsidian can be reaped. It all depends on what you focus on during the healing. What part of you is suffering? Regardless of the answer, or even if notYou knowthe answer still: black obsidian is a guardian and protective stone. It draws darkness to the surface and helps disperse it. This is the meaning of an obsidian gemstone and a true gift.

To learn how to apply the gifts of black obsidian to your life and healing journey, start by understanding the stone itself.

What does black obsidian mean?

The meaning of the black obsidian stone is shrouded in mystery and shares a deep connection with the concepts of darkness, protection and grounding. It absorbs negativity and unwanted energies and acts as a shield against them. The magical properties of Black Obsidian allow you to look within and face the experiences, triggers and feelings in your life that are holding you back from becoming the person you want to be.

It's not easy to look into the darkest parts of yourself and own them, which is why you need obsidian in your arsenal. Obsidian nurtures and supports those who are willing to help themselves. No crystal can do all the workProYou, but black obsidian can give you the strength to start a difficult mission and come out better on the other side.

Black obsidian's metaphysical properties help you deal with your current struggles, but allow you to go back in time to deal with old traumas from your past lives as well. Anger and other heavy feelings can follow our soul from place to place. If you can't identify the source of the negative energy in your life, it may have followed you into times you can't remember. Black Obsidian helps bring all those old wounds to the surface to heal once and for all.

How is obsidian stone formed?

The energy of obsidian stone is inseparable from the earth itself. During a volcanic eruption, hot volcanic lava comes out of the volcano's mouth and down the sides. As this lava cools, it formsObsidian. Obsidian isn't technically a crystal, it's a type of volcanic glass. The lava cools down so quickly that no crystals form, but the magical properties of obsidian are still in full swing.

Formed by volcanic activity everywhere, black obsidian is not uncommon. There are active volcanoes on every continent, so obsidian can form all over the world. However, make no mistake. Black obsidian may be commonplace, but it's still a formidable ally as you begin your healing journey.

The best colors of obsidian crystals and their meaning

If you close your eyes and see "obsidian", you are probably seeing the glossy black variant. Black is the most used variant of the stone, but it is not the only one. While the healing properties of black obsidian are undeniable, the various colors and patterns also have their own unique benefits. All types of obsidian stones have unique meanings and abilities:

The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (1)


This variety is similar to black obsidian in appearance but lighter in color. The healing properties of ice obsidian make it ideal for relieving bad energy and stress. You'll likely find it as jewelry or beads.

The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (2)

obsidian rose

Obsidian with a pinkish tint is rare, but it does form! The meaning and color of pink obsidian make it useful for healing heart chakra blockages, although obsidian itself is associated with this.root chakra. If you can get your hands on a pink obsidian stone, consider it an obsidian with a bonus.

The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (3)

rainbow obsidian

When light hits this obsidian at the perfect angle, it reveals a splash of color. some pieces ofrainbow obsidianthey have bright colors, while others have a subtle glow. It is favored by healers for its ability to lift spirits above the darkness that holds them back.

The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (4)

mahogany obsidian

obsidian mahoganyamplifies obsidian's natural grounding effect. If you are doing spiritual or healing work that focuses on control and grounding, Mahogany Obsidian is an excellent partner.

The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (5)

snowflake obsidian

If you tend to get hot (in an emotional sense), Snowflake Obsidian can help. It is speckled white, which gives it the name "snowflake" and can help cool your burning feelings. Keep Snowflake Obsidian close as you confront and overcome the root causes of these feelings.

The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (6)

Obsidian Apache Tears

Apache tears are usually small pieces of obsidian the size of pebbles. They are translucent when exposed to light, but appear dark otherwise. TheApache TearsThe meaning of obsidian rock follows the native group that gives it its name. Keeping it close gives you the vision of an Apache warrior and helps you face combat with dignity.

The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (7)

golden obsidian

Some obsidian has a golden glow caused by air bubbles created when the lava cools. This variety shares many of obsidian's metaphysical properties and is favored in mystical art. A golden obsidian sphere has meaning and connections to the universe, making it fantastic to explore. Use it as your crystal ball when looking for answers.

What does obsidian do to heal?

Now that you understand the basics of obsidian, how does this relate to healing? It seems an unlikely use for a stone that was once used to make weapons. However, the healing properties of black obsidian run deep and are used in countless different practices.

Energy healing, chakra balancing, dream work, mind clearing and meditation all have a place for black obsidian. It just scratches the surface. If you are working to heal yourself in any way, having this stone around will give you a power boost.

Why is this? Before diving into the specific types of healing rituals and practices, take a look at how black obsidian heals each part.Is it over there- Body Mind and Soul.

Obsidian Spirit and Meaning

The goal of most healing journeys is holistic wellness. you want to feel goodby all parties.However, your mind has its own problems and these cannot always be solved by healing your body and mind.

Do you often feel depressed or anxious? Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions or do you seem to lash out without warning? These are symptoms of something bigger. Black obsidian can help you identify the causes of these feelings and thoughts. Once you've identified the cause, you can start to heal your mind and put it to rest.

Many people struggle with mental health and these struggles affect all areas of life. Depression and anxiety can make you feel trapped. If you feel like you're stuck or trapped in a loop that you can't seem to break, it's time to ask yourself why. Why do you feel like this? Why do your thoughts hold you back and prevent you from growing? Harness the magical properties of black obsidian as you search for answers. Once you have them, you can fight them once and for all to heal your spirit.

Obsidian is particularly suited to creating clarity. It's not just about focusing on negativity. If you're struggling to find your purpose in life and seeking clarity about who you are and what you're supposed to do, black obsidian can help.

The use of black obsidian in healing the body.

Whichever method you choose, your body can benefit from the healing properties of black obsidian. Black obsidian is associated with the root or base chakra and root chakra blockages cause disturbances in the body.

In addition, the properties of black obsidian help to alleviate the symptoms of certain diseases and ailments:


  • The properties of obsidian stone make it a smart remedy for arthritis. Arthritis is a painful condition that can occur anywhere in the body. It progresses with time and there is no cure. Rather, it's about controlling the symptoms, and black obsidian offers relief. If you suffer from arthritis, use black obsidian during your healing rituals. Keep your obsidian close to the affected body part for additional help. Are your arthritis flare-ups in your hands? Use the meaning of an obsidian ring for an extension.

joint pain

  • This is similar to arthritis, but people have joint pain for a variety of reasons. The power of black obsidian can help you get rid of these pains. If you have joint pain in multiple places, try keeping black obsidian near your bed when you sleep, or carrying it around in your bag and purse as the day progresses. At theobsidian braceletit also benefits people with joint pain.

weight fluctuations

  • Overeating and undereating is caused by an imbalance in the root chakra. Therefore, if you have problems with eating disorders or weight control, you will benefit from working with black obsidian.

pain in the pelvic region

  • If you experience pelvic pain frequently or suffer from severe menstrual cramps, black obsidian could be the answer. These two things are also in the wheelhouse of the gem and are associated with imbalances in the root chakra.

cardiovascular problems

  • Among the many healing properties of black obsidian is blood pressure regulation. It can improve the absorption of vitamins, including iron, and keep your heart stable and strong.


  • Black obsidian's effect on sleep will be explored in more detail later, but it is often used in dreamwork and dream rituals. If you suffer from frequent fatigue and never feel like you get enough rest,sleep with black obsidianclose. It helps to create and maintain a calm and relaxing environment.

In addition to the numerous health benefits mentioned above, black obsidian is also a solid ally in overcoming addictions and bad habits that affect your well-being. Much of the meaning of the black obsidian stone comes from overcoming the negative forces that rule your life. Addiction is one of the biggest tests you can face. For some, it's the ultimate darkness that makes black obsidian their toughest weapon.

If you are seeking medical help or are focused on healing yourself through metaphysical or spiritual means, black obsidian can be an advantage. Removing the trauma and pain that led to addiction is one of the most important steps to regaining health.

This power can be applied to any bad habit: drug addiction, smoking, self-harm, and more. If you are prone to behaviors that harm your body, black obsidian is the guardian you are looking for.

The best properties of obsidian for your spirit

Are you lost in a sea of ​​unhappy or dark feelings? Too much negativity makes your mind feel stuck and trapped. It blinds you to the possibilities around you and who you are. It spells disaster for your mind. The only way out is to get back in touch with yourself and the qualities that make you who you are. Whether you choose spiritual cleansing, dream work, meditation, or another method, black obsidian's ability to bring clarity into your life will be invaluable on the journey.

Obsidian is especially powerful when facing its shadow. Your dark self is essentially made up of all the parts of yourself that you reject. As a child, he is taught to suppress certain aspects of his behavior, thoughts and desires, and as he grows older, these repressed parts form their own shadow. The shade tends to rear its head at the worst times: when you're stressed, struggling, and holding a hot nail. Sometimes the shadow becomes so present and active that it overshadows your true self. When that happens it has a profound effect on your mind.

Black Obsidian has perks that will help you defend yourself. Shadow work is exhausting. It requires you to take a good look at yourself, especially the parts you don't like. Obsidian helps to face, explore and embrace these parts to become a complete and happy human being.

Your spirit can also carry illnesses and old wounds from past lives. Not everything that worries you comes from your current experiences. Black Obsidian is a very powerful mystical tool that helps you to reflect and heal old traumas. It is also popular in exploration and divination. Worries and worries about the future could be holding you back from growing. Peeking is a way to get a peek at useful answers. will calm your mindyYour mind.

Knowing what's coming is another way to build confidence and feel confident that you can handle whatever comes your way.

Working with obsidian in healing rituals

The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (8)

Now that you know a little more about how black obsidian affects your mind, body and spirit, it's time to explore the specific ways in which it can be used. Once you discover the specific ways obsidian can be used and incorporated into your life, you are ready to take the next step in your healing journey.

Black Obsidian and Chakra Blocks

One of the most natural ways to use this crystal is to take advantage of the obsidian gemstone's importance to the root chakra. The root chakra, sometimes called the base chakra or muladhara chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It represents your connection to the earth (hence the term “root”). Black obsidian is one of the most important stones used for balancing the root chakra or clearing blockages, so have it on hand before undertaking any type of chakra work.

The previous section related to the effects of black obsidian on your body mentioned several specific ailments. Behind some of them are root chakra blockages. This chakra affects things like pelvic pain, menstrual cramps, weight issues, constipation and incontinence, among a host of other health conditions. An overactive root chakra can also lead to anxiety as your mind and worries drift away from you.

Many root chakra problems can be attributed to a lack of grounding. This is one of the main effects of black obsidian. Finally, the root chakra represents your connection to the earth. It makes sense that correcting imbalances means grounding yourself and regaining lost stability.

Chakra healing can restore your sense of calm, balance and peace. This is true no matter which chakra you focus on, but it is especially true when you are releasing a blockage in the basic chakra. Getting to that point takes a lot of work and it's not always an easy journey, but if you're willing to dip your hand in the darkness, black obsidian can guide you. Its guardian and protector status means that once you've done the work to overcome it, it keeps negativity in check.

Place the black obsidian on the feet or near the groin for maximum effect. Meditate, chant, repeat mantras or any ritual that feels right to you and channel the stone's protective energy.

The use of black obsidian in meditation.

Meditation is commonly used in all types of healing rituals, including chakra healing, spiritual cleansing, shadow work, and more. Concentrating on your mind is the basic idea of ​​meditation. You can meditate on specific questions when you are looking for answers, calm and peace, or to feel grounded and connected to your body and the earth. There are many reasons to incorporate meditation into your life and many ways to do it.

When you are sick, sick or in pain, use meditation to channel energy through your body. This type of meditation can be combined with chakra balancing for enhanced effect. Focus on the healing properties of black obsidian in your area. Visualize this energy flowing into your root chakra. Imagine it soothing you, alleviating your pain and problems, and wait for relief to come.

Asking questions in shadow work is crucial. Who am I? What makes me act like this? What do you need to change? How to become who I am? Meditation frees your mind of all the frantic and chaotic thoughts that keep you from finding those answers. This scattered mindset prevents you from healing, and black obsidian's incredible grounding energy slows you down. Look for these answers as you meditate and they will guide you on the right path as you begin to heal.

However, you will benefit from meditation even if you don't engage in a specific practice. Just find a quiet place and clear your mind. Take a deep breath and keep your black obsidian close. Sit outside and touch the earth while surrounded by sunlight or moonlight. You can also find a quiet place indoors. Hold the black obsidian in your hand or wear it as body jewelry. Feel its grounding energy and let it soothe you as you search your psyche and soul for the answers to your questions.

The benefits of black obsidian in Dreamwork

To say that sleep is important to your well-being is an understatement. It's not just important, it's fundamental. Chronic sleep deprivation has dire effects on your mental, physical and spiritual health. Fatigue, sluggishness and loss of concentration are just some of the negative effects. Lack of sleep also severs an important connection to your psyche, which can cause or worsen the aforementioned things. Very important healings occur during sleep. Black Obsidian helps maintain a calm environment free of negative energy to help you find the calm you need.

Then the real healing begins. Sleeping with black obsidian nearby allows you to lucid dream and work with dreams. Both lucid dreaming and dream work are incredibly helpful in dealing with trauma, repressed memories, and thoughts or feelings that you escape in the waking state.

Its black obsidian gemstone meaning supports this willingness to explore and face your dark thoughts:

lucid dream

  • Lucid dreaming occurs when you know you are dreaming. You know that what you are seeing is not real, and this knowledge gives you some degree of control over what happens in the dream. Lucid dreams are the perfect environment to face your demons, past and present. It's safe because you know it's not real. Black Obsidian brings what you fear to the surface of your dream so that you can finally face it.

my dream job

  • Dreamwork aims to help you understand and learn from the "language" of your dreams. Some dreams provide guidance, while others help you better understand your thoughts, feelings and experiences. By using Black Obsidian as a touchstone during dreamwork, you add an element of grounding and clarity. These qualities are invaluable when you are trying to interpret your dreams and use them for growth and healing.

To use black obsidian during dreams, you can place the stone around your bedroom. Place it next to your bed or even sleep wearing a black obsidian gem. The importance and guiding gift of an obsidian star also comes in handy when you place it on your nightstand.

The healing properties of obsidian for protection. (9)

final thoughts

there is ancountless crystalsused in medicine. Black obsidian isn't your only option, but it's an important one. Much of the work he helps with is difficult. People avoid it for years, even most of their lives, and they continue to suffer.

It's not easy to willingly face the unknown or the darkness within. However, it is necessary for you to begin your healing journey, and you need the kind of support that Watchstone provides. Obsidian is a powerful crystal and can imbue you with some of that power.

When you don't have the strength to face and fight the demons that plague you, you need a protector. That's what black obsidian is. To loadenergetic musefor all your obsidian needs today and don't delaycontact usIf you have any questions!

common questions

The fundamentals of obsidian quartz meaning and its effect on healing are covered, but some frequently asked questions add to the discussion. There is always more to learn about this phenomenal stone.

What is obsidian for?

Obsidian is used for healing, including the practices listed above, spiritual purification, feng shui, mystical work, and divination, to name a few. In addition to its metaphysical importance, obsidian is also used to create art and jewelry.

In spiritual cleansing, obsidian is used to provide grounding and calm in meditation practices, cleansing baths, breathing exercises and more. Practitioners hold the stone in their hands, carry it or place it close to them so that its energy is available to them. A successful spiritual cleansing frees the soul of negative energy and moves it into higher, happier vibrations.

In Feng Shui, black obsidian represents the element of water. If you place it in your home, whether in the center of your home or in each of the four corners, you invite financial prosperity, opportunity and success into your life. It is also the perfect guardian for your garage or front door, blocking unwanted or harmful energy from entering your home.

If you combine elements, you'll see interesting results. For example, the meaning of an obsidian Buddha combines the calming and peaceful presence of the Buddha with the protective and protective energy of obsidian.

Mystical workings often refer to the power of black obsidian. Obsidian is excellent for observation and divination. An obsidian sphere has a similar meaning to a crystal ball and is used in the same way. It is used to envision the future and promote psychic connections (new and old).

What are the health benefits of black obsidian?

The effects of black obsidian on your health are varied and plentiful. It helps you to de-stress your life by facing your fears, traumas, triggers and all the uncomfortable things that are dragging you down. It reduces depression and anxiety as well, giving you a way to regain your mental health. You can seek growth and purpose after leaving many of your worries and stress behind.

Obsidian is used to alleviate the symptoms of various ailments. Arthritis, joint pain, constipation and pelvic pain are just the tip of the iceberg. The actual healing process can occur through releasing blockages in the root chakra or some other type of energy healing. Any method that directs the stone's energy to the part of the body that needs it will work.

It is also important to heal the mind. Black obsidian plays an important role in spiritual purification, but also in shadow work, dream work and other spiritual practices. It's all too easy to lose heart and confidence when bombarded with the energy of a dark and cruel world, but Black Obsidian acts as a helping hand to guide you towards the light.

The actual healing process involves attaching obsidian to specific parts of the body. The feet and groin are best suited for cleaning the root chakra. Use a polished stone if you have one, although the meaning of rough obsidian is the same. It can also be placed in the room or house where healing takes place.

Who should use black obsidian?

Anyone can use black obsidian. Its benefits extend to anyone who wants to protect themselves from psychic attacks and lower vibrations. Wearing obsidian jewelry is a great way to keep the stone close to you at all times, and it comes with an added reward.

Depending on the type of gem you choose, it will place your obsidian closer to certain chakras. Black obsidian is associated with the root chakra, but the meaning of an obsidian pendant or necklace also affects the heart and throat chakras.

The bottom line:If you want what Obsidian has to offer, use it.


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