The Spanish Keyboard: How to type anything in Spanish (2023)

The Spanish Keyboard: How to type anything in Spanish (1)

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You've just started learning Spanish and it doesn't seem to be as difficult as you feared. Unfortunately, when you start typing all your amazing knowledge, you get frustrated with the keyboard. That's right, we've all been there. All those strange unknown English characters are giving you a headache: accents, tis and umlauts, but there is an easy solution!

Here at Homeschool Spanish Academy we have prepared a cheat sheet for you! It doesn't matter if you write on a Mac or PC, on an iOS or Android device, after reading this post, writing in Spanish will never be a problem again.

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how to write spanish accents

Those annoying accents, right? First, it's hard to learn how to use them, and then it's hard to write them! But don't worry, there are several options to choose from and it's up to you to decide which one works best for you.

One of the most basic options is to simply create your own library of Spanish accents and punctuation marks by copying these characters.á, é, í, ó, ú, ¡, ¿,and then insert them into your documents when you need them. But that sounds pretty easy until, of course, you can't find the document you saved them in to copy them. Then you have to go back and look for them, pick them up one by one... and it's not easy at all!

Another option isSet keyboard layoutto the Spanish keyboard. But if you don't do most of your work in Spanish, it's impractical. Instead, I recommend learning keyboard shortcuts for quick access to Spanish accents whenever you need them.

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The Spanish Keyboard: How to type anything in Spanish (2)

Shortcuts for Mac and PC

A shortcut is a special key combination defined by the programmer that produces unusual characters not found on your keyboard. Although Mac and PC operating systems offer different keyboard shortcuts, they include a way to type these Spanish characters without having to change your keyboard settings.

(Video) Spanish Keyboard - how to

I will guide you step by step through the process of typing Spanish characters on the keyboard. It can be a little annoying at first, but once you get used to it, you won't even notice. To avoid confusion, let's do Mac first and then explore PC shortcuts.

Spanish Keyboard: Mac

On Mac devices from 2011 to present, there is an easy way to type accents by holding down the key, which takes longer than usual, and aMenu popupIt will appear with several options to choose from. It's the same system used on iPhones and iPads. Depending on the word processing software used, this method sometimes does not work.

If the "simple method" doesn't work for you, don't worry. The traditional option is not very complicated. For accents, just press the buttonPossibilityKey + e and the letter you need at the same time and release the keys.

In fact, we've created a video that explains exactly this process and helps you understand it better. You can also follow this table:

spanish characterMac codespanish characterMac codespanish characterMac code
EmOption + e, Shift + aEmOption + and theNORDOption + e, Mayus + n
YOption + e, Shift + eEsOption + and, andnorteOption + e, n
EmOption + e, Mayus + iEmOption + e, d.h¿Shift + Option + ?
OhOption + e, Mayus + ovonOption + and the¡Shift + Option + 1
tuOption + e, Shift + utuOption + e, u

Spanish Keyboard: PC

Perhaps the best option forinsert accentsOn Windows, press the apostrophe key (') followed by the vowel you want to emphasize. As in the following table:

spanish characterWindows-Codespanish characterWindows-Code
Em' + Shift + aEm' + e
Y' + shift + eEs' + mi
Em' + shift + meEm' + e
Oh' + Shift + orvon' +o
tu' + Shift + utu' + of

For other commonly used Spanish characters, just follow the table below:

spanish characterWindows-Code
NORD˜+ shift + n
norte˜+ tip

If this method doesn't work on your computer, try theINTESTINEAlternativeI likesometimes referred to asAll sizes. All you need to do to add accents using this method is right clickAlternativekey simultaneously with the vowel. When the vowel is capitalized, you need to press three keys at the same time: the vowel, the right oneAlternativekey and theTo changeI like.

This form also works for other common Spanish characters, as you'll see in the table below that summarizes rightAlternativekey method:

spanish characterWindows right alt key codespanish characterWindows right alt key codespanish characterWindows right alt key code
EmAlt + Shift + aEmanother + oneNORDAlt + Shift + n
YAlt + Shift + eEsAlt + minorteEverything + the Nordics
EmAlt + Shift + iEmeverything + me¿Alt+?
OhAlt + Shift + ouvonall +o¡Alt+1
tuAlt + Shift + utueverything + you

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The Spanish Keyboard: How to type anything in Spanish (3)

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The Spanish Keyboard: How to type anything in Spanish (5)

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The Spanish Keyboard: How to type anything in Spanish (7)

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Alternative codes for PC

A third method of entering Spanish accents and punctuation marks in Windows is to use character codes, also known as ASCII codes. This system, as it were, is a gift from another time.published for the first timein 1963 and may no longer work on some devices.

This method requires an extra step and works differently depending on whether you have a numeric keypad or not. We will first explain both forms, followed by a list of thealternative codes.

with numeric keypad

First, find the Num Lock button in the top left corner of the number pad and press it. A small light will blink and this is the sign that your numeric keypad is working. Now find the "Alt" key to the left of the space bar and hold it down. While holding down the Alt key, type the desired character code and release both keys at the same time. Bingo!

no numeric keypad

However, most wireless laptops and keyboards these days do not include a numeric keypad. On these devices, this method is a little different.

First, locate the "fn" function key at the bottom left of your keyboard. Next, locate the "Num Lock" key in the top-right corner of your keyboard. Press both keys at the same time and this will activate your Num Lock. You can now type the numeric keys on the top horizontal row of the keyboard to use "Alt" codes as follows:

spanish characteralternate codespanish characteralternate codespanish characteralternate code

2 spanishTastaturlayouts

The reason why different keyboard layouts exist is simple: some languages ​​use different characters more often than others. Because of this, software engineers have developed an international keyboard that is the world standard, but also several different keyboards specially designed for different language needs. Spanish keyboard is one of them.

international keyboard

This layout is also known as US International English Keyboardrecommended arrangementfor people who use the traditionalQWERTZKeyboard but needs some non-English characters from time to time.

This keyboard layout supports all major Western European languages ​​and uses the Right Alt (AltGr) key as a special character modifier as explained above.

(Video) How To Use Spanish Keyboard Shortcuts and Alt Codes | Type Accents On English Keyboards!

The Spanish Keyboard: How to type anything in Spanish (9)

spanish keyboard

Akeyboard layoutIt was designed with the Spanish language in mind and is a great tool for Spanish speaking countries. The Spanish keyboard eliminates the need for abbreviations and includes the letter Ñ and only Spanish punctuation marks such as the initial exclamation point and question mark ¡¿.

The Spanish Keyboard: How to type anything in Spanish (10)

spanish keyboards online

Another option for typing Spanish characters that are not available on your traditional QWERTY keyboard layout is to use an online Spanish keyboard where you can copy and paste the required characters.

Look at thisonline spanish keyboardit is very functional and easy to use. and find hereanother good option.

How to Use a Spanish Keyboard Online

These online keyboards are really very easy to use. They are set up to work in several different languages, so you just have to choose what you need.

Its operation is very simple, online Spanish keyboard provides a space and a set of Spanish characters for you to choose from. This way you can write whatever you need to write and then copy and paste it into whatever software or platform you are working on.

Learn to use keyboard shortcuts in Spanish

visits to¡Canal do Youtube!Watch this video and learn how to use spanish keyboard and alt codes.

Spanish keyboard option enabledmobile devices

Writing in Spanish on mobile devices is even easier than on computers. It doesn't matter if you have an iOS or Android device, both systems allow you to do this.pull out a spanish keyboardon your phone or tablet.

In most cases, however, you don't even need to do this. If your need for Spanish characters is limited, simply press and hold the desired vowel until a series of accent and umlaut options appear. Then just select the desired character from the menu.

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Alternative codes in spanish spanish keyboard

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