Why do my eyelashes hurt after eyelash extensions? 7 common problems (2023)

All you wanted were beautiful, luxurious lashes, but what you were left with was pain, dry eyelids, and irritation. What went wrong?

While you definitely want long, full bangs, you want them without risking damaging your natural lashes and, if possible, encouraging your natural lash growth. At Lashify® we believe you can have it all.

We'll give you a tea on what went wrong with your eyelash extensions and some tips to protect your lashes and eyelids the next time you wear extensions.

Over there! My eyelashes hurt!

Most of the time, you won't feel any pain with eyelash extensions unless they are applied or removed incorrectly. But even when a professional lash technician applies your lashes, there's still room for error.

The most common causes of eyelash pain after eyelash extensions are due to the glue and technique used.

1. A tail

It is no secret; The eyelash glue is intense. The glue used by most professional lash technicians contains ingredients similar to superglue, including formaldehyde, which is incredibly drying (and used to embalm lab frogs, shivers).

salary adjustmentPoor attachment to natural lashes can cause them to become hard, brittle and break. When an eyelash breaks off earlier than usual, pain can occur near the hair follicle, which is an extremely sensitive area of ​​the eyelid skin.

Also, if the glue gets on your lash line, it can irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. For this reason, eyelash glue should not be applied directly to the skin.

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2. Too many extensions in one place

Clumping, placing too many lash fibers on a natural lash, or in too small a space can also cause eyelash pain. You may first notice that the area where there are a lot of lashes feels heavy or even seems to fall in your line of sight.

In this case, it is best to remove and reapply the extensions. The crowding can cause tears and also make blinking painful.

3. You are allergic

In rare cases, you may develop an allergy to the eyelash glue or fibers you use. This can resemble a latex allergy, and you may develop a rash, pain, or itching on your eyelid near your lash line.

If you suspect you're having an allergic reaction, have your lashes removed by a professional right away and contact your eye doctor to see if there's a safer option.

4. They rub or rub their eyes

It's the first rule of hair extension care: don't rub your eyes! However, if your eyes are itchy or watery, rubbing them without thinking can feel natural. In addition to shortening the life of your application, it can also cause pain and irritation due to its abrasive nature!

The same applies to cleaning the eyelids and the lash line before and after application. If you rub this area, you can expect your eyelids to hurt and become irritated right next to your lash line.

5. Too much cock

Sometimes a lash technician can get too gluey and coat the lashes and lids in a thick layer of sticky glue that pinches, pulls, and causes pain. This can also happen when applying your lashes at home, especially if you wear false lashes.

False lashes are notorious for not staying in place, and it's tempting to use more glue to hold them to your lash line. In fact, the glue can harden, harden and cause the lashes to fall out sooner.


6. Your eyelash fibers are too heavy.

Of course you want extreme bangs for an important event but if you have itextremely short lashes, placing heavy extension fibers can cause your natural eyelashes to bend in the hair follicle and cause eyelid pain.

If you must wear extremely long and thick lashes and know that they often hurt your eyelids, try homemade extensions like Lashify, which can be easily removed after the event. Unlike salon lashes, which must be removed at the salon and cannot be reapplied, you can easily store themgossamer® eyelashesto use at another time.

7. You took her

By far the most common reason for eyelash pain after eyelash extensions is improper eyelash removal. Usually this is because you removed your eyelash extensions. we understand each other When your eyelash extensions fall out and you find yourself between fills, it's tempting to pull them out yourself. That's a bad idea.

Donning extensions often results in the natural lashes being pulled out with the extension, which can leave the lash line feeling sore and irritated. Also, some eyelash extension removal solutions can cause irritation. If you think you may react to the removal solution, ask your lash technician to test it prior to removal.

How to avoid eyelash pain after extensions

If you're in so much pain with your eyelashes that you've given up extensions altogether, we have a solution for you. The Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System makes it easy and safe to apply eyelash extensions in the comfort of your own home while caring for your natural lashes.

We cover how Lashify works and give you five tips to avoid eyelash pain in the future.

Tips for pain-free eyelashes

You can definitely experience pain-free eyelash extensions even if you have your eyelashes done in a salon. Here are our top tips to avoid pain and irritation while wearing eyelash extensions.

1. Avoid long queues

Eyelash glue can hide some unhealthy ingredients. In addition to formaldehyde,CianoakrylatosAnd latex can make these adhesives incredibly dangerous for your eyes and the delicate skin around them.

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Unlike eyelash glue, the Lashify system uses only high-quality, ultra-secure bindings.our tiesFree from harsh chemicals, it features a unique flexible technology that ensures our bindings never fully cure. This means your Gossamer lashes will curl and move naturally with your natural lashes, eliminating pain and discomfort.

In addition, our bands contain Lavandula and Biotin, two ingredients known to support lash health.

2. Prepare carefully

It's true that your eyelash extensions will naturally adhere better to your lashes when they're clean and free of oil, makeup, and dirt. However, you don't have to use harsh makeup removers on your lashes or scrub your lash line.

Take ours insteadcleaning water before cleaning. This gentle formula is powerful enough to remove oil and makeup from lashes while being gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.

3. Apply carefully

Applying eyelash extensions may seem complicated, but the Lashify system makes it easy. Our tools will help you get the job done quickly and without damaging your natural lashes, and we have countlessTutorialsto help you when you get stuck.

It's important to make sure you don't put too many lashes in one spot. This can cause your natural lashes to clump and become heavy, which can cause lash pain and also pull out lashes.

4. Stay away from the eyelashes!

If you wear extensions, stay away! Rubbing lashes can cause them to pull and break, taking your natural lashes with them and causing pain and irritation.

When washing your face, avoid splashing water directly into your eyes, which may cause you to keep rubbing them.

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5. Remove your eyelashes properly

Eyelash extensions should not be pulled or rubbed. They must be removed carefully so as not to damage your natural lashes.

With Lashify, you'll never have to worry about removing your eyelashes again. Ourmelted removermakes it easy to remove Gossamer tabs without damaging themÖYour natural lashes Simply apply Melt Away to a clean cotton pad and hold at the base of the lashes for 30-60 seconds. This will loosen the connection and help your gossamer lashes slide off your natural lashes.

You can also use Melt Away with a clean mascara roller by sweeping the product over both your natural lashes and your gossamer lashes.

Lashify: the simple and effortless eyelash extension experience

When the pain of salon eyelash extensions has exhausted you, conveniently switch to the Lashify DIY Lash Extension System. You save time and moneymiSave your natural lashes and delicate eyelids from the common pain and irritation that lash wearers often face.

You can have long and luxurious lashes while taking care of your natural lashes. With Lashify you have it all.


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